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How to Disable True Tone on MacBook Pro Display

The latest MacBook Pro models include True Tone capable displays which automatically adjust the screen colors to resemble external ambient lighting conditions. This feature can make the screen appearance more pleasing to the eye in some lighting situations, but if you require color accuracy for your work, you may find the True Tone feature to … Read More

How to Disable (or Enable) True Tone Display on iPad Pro

The display on the new iPad Pro includes a feature called True Tone, which uses ambient light sensors to automatically shift and change the displays color hue and intensity according to the surrounding light, shifting from cooler to warmer as the surrounding lighting environment changes. It’s kind of like a smarter real-time adapting version of … Read More

iPhone 6 could get round True Tone flash with four LEDs

We’ve already seen two new iPhone part leaks out coming out of China this morning, but to complete today’s hat trick a new set of images show that Apple could be looking to make some serious improvements to the iPhone’s…Read more ›

Constantine TV show could nail comic’s smart-ass tone

As a huge fan of Vertigo Comics’ Hellblazer, about hard-bitten wise-cracking paranormal detective John Constantine, I’m warily excited about the upcoming TV series on NBC. Wary because of the totally off-base movie of the same name. Excited because, well, it…Read more ›

Too Bright? Tone Down Those iOS 7 Visuals [iOS Tips]

iOS 7 changed the visual palette on our favorite Apple mobile devices, and it may not be to everyone’s liking. If you want to tone it down a bit, consider darkening the colors up, and reducing the white point on…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Use Reduce White Point in iOS to Subtly Tone Down Harsh Bright Colors

The iOS interface is easily identifiable by it’s ubiquitous usage of whites and bright colors, which can be both pleasing to the eye but also excessively harsh when an iPhone or iPad is used in darker ambient lighting situations. New versions of iOS offer an ability to adjust that bright whiteness with a setting called … Read More

Every New Ringtone And Alert Tone In The iOS 7 GM [Video]

One of the few surprise announcements from yesterday’s keynote was that iOS 7 will come with a completely new set of ringtones and alert tones. That’s right, Marimba is finally in exile after annoying the living shit out of us for six long years. The new ringtones and alert tones were included in the latest […]

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Set a Unique Alert Tone for New Mail Messages from VIP List in iOS

Set VIP Mail Alerts in iOS

Managing slews of email can be one of the most challenging and time consuming parts of ones day, but with the help of VIP lists in iOS and OS X you can help to weed through some of the nonsense by simply having defined persons get precedent over others. On the desktop side of things, we’ve discussed using VIP in OS X’s Mail app before,  [Read More…]

Change the iPhone Text Tone to Play Different SMS Sounds

iPhone Text Tone New to the iPhone with iOS 5 is the ability to set and use custom text tones. Having long been able to switch between Apple provided text tones, since this new feature means any ringtone file can be set as a custom SMS sound, and you can also set custom text alert sounds on a per contact basis so youll know who is texting you based on the  [Read More…]