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FBI: It’s ‘too early’ to tell if gunman’s iPhone contains useful evidence

The FBI’s campaign against Apple has been called its biggest PR disaster in history, but were its efforts to hack the San Bernardino iPhone worth it? In the FBI’s own words, it’s still too soon to tell. According to a senior FBI official, the organization won’t reveal what — if anything — it’s learned until it’s […]

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‘Too Drunk To Drive’ Offers The Good Kind Of Drunk-Dialing

So maybe one night you’re stumbling to your car and realize you really shouldn’t be driving. And also you’re so drunk that Siri can’t understand you. And the buttons in your contact list are so small. Enter Too Drunk To…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Apple Launches New ‘Greetings’ And ‘Greetings Too’ Ads [Video]

The launch of the iPhone 5c went really well this weekend. So to keep you in remembrance of everything that is holy and fun with the new iPhone 5c, Apple released two new ads this morning showcasing the colorful sides of its iPhone 5c users. The new ad called “Greetings” zips through a number of scenes […]

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