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If you need to rename a group of files on a Mac by appending some text to each files name, a great free option is to use a simple Automator action and save it as an application. This is similar to the other Automator utilities we have built and covered here before, but this time … Read More

Zoom In With The Magnify Tool In Preview [OS X Tips]

Preview is a fantastic image viewer with some basic image and PDF annotation tools. If you’re viewing a high resolution image and want to magnify a small portion of the image, without zooming the whole thing in, you’ll want to… Read more ›     

New Evasi0n Tool Brings Jailbreak to iOS 7.0.5

A new version of the Evasi0n 7 jailbreak tool has been released by the “Evad3rs” developer team, offering untethered jailbreaking support for the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C running iOS 7.0.5. While the new Evasi0n utility release also supports prior versions of iOS 7, it is primarily aimed at international iPhone models running the newest … Read More

Use Text Edit As A Quick Outlining Tool [OS X Tips]

I use TextEdit all the time to jot down notes, phone numbers, and any time I need to just get some info down super quick. I forget, sometimes, that it’s a fairly robust text editor (hence the name, I suppose),… Read more ›     

If you’ve been looking for the ultimate file compression tool, then this offer is for you. Stuffit Deluxe includes Stuffit Archive Manager, Stuffit Scheduler, Stuffit Expander, and StuffIt Destinationsâ„¢, giving you everything you need to compress and send files. The… Read more ›     

  One of the most phenomenal — and frankly, underrated — aspects of the handheld computing revolution ushered in by the iPhone and its ilk is how much power, in the form of knowledge, has been placed, literally, in people’s… Read more ›     

In the world of minimalist text editors that do geeky things like support Markdown, iA Writer is one of the best. Made by Information Architects in Tokyo, the app has sold over 1,000,000 copies in the App Store since its release in… Read more ›     

If you want an iPad mini with Retina Display today, there’s only one way to get one: reserve it for in-store pick-up. That’s how I got my 128GB iPad mini with Retina Display on day one of availability while my…

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I haven’t spent time on a construction site for some time, so I don’t know if it’s still true that every builder has a transistor radio. I do know that we had our kitchen remodeled a few months back and…

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  The iPad Air has been on sale for nearly 12 hours now and early reports are starting to indicate that the higher end models are becoming scarce as initial supply is dwindling. It may not be quite as hard…

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