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Apple Releases Xcode 4.2 Free Development Tools For Mac OS X Lion & Snow Leopard

Apple’s development tools for Mac OS X and iOS are joining the iOS 5 launch party today with the release of Xcode 4.2. The new version of Xcode is now available as a free download in the Mac App Store or through the regular Apple developer website.   So go get your free copy of Xcode 4.2 which supports Mac OS X 10.7 Lion, Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard and iOS 5  [Read More…]

Upcoming: Add Basic Photo Editing Tools in Photos.app with PhotoEdit

Although it seems to be more of a joke these days, the saying “There’s an app for that” has proved to truly be a reality. Whether you search the App Store or Cydia, you will find a tweak or application that does just about anything. These days, companies such as Apple have even played on this notion by pushing the comprehensive library that it has. But where a struggle can occur is when looking for an application  [Read More…]

Apple Updates Anti-Malware Tools for Mac, But Another Trojan Threat Surfaces

Following a new trojan threat for Mac OS X that was uncovered last week, Apple has updated its anti-malware tools for the Mac that will ensure we continue to sleep soundly at night, safe in the knowledge our beloved Macs aren’t at risk.The new trojan, named “Trojan-Dropper:OSX/Revir.a,” disguises itself as an innocent PDF file, filled with nothing but “offensive political statements” written in Chinese. When you open it up, however, the  [Read More…]

Apple’s Final Cut Pro X Fiasco Means Adobe’s Video Tools for Mac Grow 45%

Disgruntled video editors who were unsatisfied with their Final Cut Pro X purchase earlier this year seem to have turned to Adobe’s products instead. The company’s video tools for Mac have seen a 45% growth year-over-year, undoubtedly thanks to the fiasco that surrounded Apple’s latest Final Cut following its release. Across all platforms, Adobe announced 22% growth for its video editing software, but it attributed its growth on the Mac to  [Read More…]

Canopy Camera Tools App Gives Away a Ton of Features for Free [Daily Freebie]

Yesterday, we reviewed Canopy’s Kapok camera system for iPhone 4; the free, feature-packed Canopy Camera Tools app is an excellent camera app and an integral part of that system — but it also works just fine by itself, without any extra hardware. Canopy gives you an amazingly generous quiver of photo tools in this app, the most impressive probably being the time-lapse function, with its robust selection of variables for  [Read More…]

Study to Explore iPads as Ergonomic Math Learning Tools

Ipad screen As iPad use continues to grow, assessing how we use them becomes an important topic of study. This includes what kinds of tasks we use the tablet for, and ergonomic issues related to using the device. Boston University is launching a study this fall among children of military members in an effort to help improve their math skills and teach healthy computing. They are  [Read More…]

Apple Releases Xcode 4.1 Free Development Tools For OS X Lion

Apple’s development tools for OS X and iOS are  joining the OS X Lion launch party today with the release of  Xcode 4.1.  The new version of Xcode is now available as a free download in the Mac App Store or through the regular Apple developer website. It’s interesting to note that Xcode has always been included free of charge with all Macs and as a free download until recently when  [Read More…]

AppleCare Protection Plan Looses Tech Tools Deluxe CD

AppleCare Protection Plan Looses Tech Tools Deluxe CD Click the image to open in full size. If you?ve ever upgraded to a new Mac and purchased an AppleCare Protection Plan, then you probably have a Tech Tools Deluxe CD or two. As of March 2, Apple will no longer include a Tech Tools Deluxe CD in the retail box. AppleCare itself has not changed at all, the only real change to the program is  [Read More…]