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Uppr, Totally The Best Flickr Uploader For The Mac

Flickr’s 1TB storage “limit” is great and all, but getting even 1/100th of that up to Flickr in the form of photos is still tricky. The iOS Flickr app takes care of new pictures on your iPhone, and now a… Read more ›     

True Color Can Totally Tell You What Color That Is

True Color — Entertainment — $ 1.99 True Color is one of those apps that definitely has a practical application but is also just fun to mess around with. Its purpose is to create “formulas” for different hues so that artists…

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I’m sad to say that if you clicked on this review hoping that Girl Washing was a soon-to-be-removed “sexy” game for iOS that you’re in for some hot…laundry washing action. Yep. Girl Washing is all about a cute girl doing…

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Earlier today, we reported that the Wall Street consensus was that Apple’s profit in this last quarter probably shrank for the first time in a decade, and that results will be even more dire next quarter, with iPhone sales units being extremely low.

But Wall Street’s pessimism in regards to Apple is, as usual, nuts. For Apple to perform as low as Wall Street thinks it will next quarter, Apple would have  [Read More...]


NetNewsWire is a classic RSS reader. It came out on the Mac more than a decade ago, and it’s still used on OS X and iOS. As a staple application in the Mac community, NetNewsWire has remained a fan favorite despite the lack of updates it has received in recent years.

The world of RSS got rocked last week when Google announced that it was killing Google Reader, one of the most-used  [Read More...]

Spinning it like Joey Deacon

Because I’m not dead, I love music. But since I have no friends (at least not any friends with good musical taste), I have no idea what to listen to. Which means I’m pretty much stuck playing old (and still fantastic) Talking Heads tracks, and that XX album from a year or two back.

But now that Hype Machine has redesigned its app, I now have a  [Read More...]

Vimeo has released version 3.0 of its iPhone app, and the update brings a simpler, more intuitive interface with new features. You may remember that Vimeo for iPhone 2.0 went live in the App Store back in February, and today’s update is a significant upgrade. Vimeo has gotten rid of the cluttered in-app video editor and introduced a completely new look.

This is the first time that Vimeo itself has completely  [Read More...]


I imagine that every SLR user ever will want the QuickDraw.

QuickDraw is about as apt a name for a gadget as any we’ve ever seen. And the why-didn’t-I-think-of-that obviousness extends to its function: Quickdraw is a lens bayonet that hangs on your belt and lets you clip any spare lenses around your waist, read to for – you guessed it – a quick draw.

It gets even better when you see the video  [Read More...]

The Highline is like a leash for your iDevice. Photo Charlie Sorrel (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0)

When I first glimpsed the Highline, I teased, calling it “an almost spectacularly misguided idea.” The Highline is a curly cable which hooks into your iDevice’s 30-pin dock connector and keeps it safe from drops and attempted snatch-and-grabs. Despite my conclusions, the kind folks at Kenu sent one over to the Cult of Mac test labs to  [Read More...]

A major update to Maps is totally out of the bag, but what else is going to be new in iOS 6? According to a new report, iOS 6 won’t look that much different from iOS 5… until you open up the core apps, which have all been rebuilt from the ground up.   A “credible source” speaking to Christian Zibreg over at iDownloadBlog says that while there will be “little,  [Read More...]