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Apple Makes Its Online Store More Friendly With Touch-Based Devices


Apple’s online store has never really been suited to mobile devices. Sure, there’s the Apple Store app for the iPhone, but navigating to the actual website on iOS isn’t the best experience. On the iPhone, the desktop site is squeezed into a narrow, 4-inch display. You have to zoom in to actually interact with and read any part of the site.

Some recent changes help to improve navigating the Apple online store  [Read More…]

German Scientists Create a Smudge Proof Coating, Touch-Based User Interfaces Rejoice

Example of solvent bouncing off of surface coated with the new “superamphiphobic” coating

Fingerprints, smudges and smears could be a thing of the past for eyeglass wearers and gadget owners thanks to German researchers and a little soot.

The smudge repellent in question is a special coating that repels both water and oil-based fluids. Water based repellents are rather common, but oil-based repellents are traditionally more difficult to produce because of oil�s lower surface tension. Producing  [Read More…]