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Get The Protection You Deserve With The iPhone 5/5S Tough Armor Bundle [Deals]

CoM - spigenmainframe2The new iPhones have arrived and there’s no time like the present to ensure that you protect your new device from wear and tear. Cult of Mac Deals has a great offer lined up for those who’ve picked up an iPhone 5S (or  have an iPhone 5) so that they can protect from even the […]

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Tim Cook Wants To Sell More iPhones In Apple Stores, Which Will Be Tough

iPhone 5 Apple StoreApple’s CEO wants to sell more iPhones, but only in his stores. The iPhone is Apple’s cash cow with its high profit margins, and it creates a “halo effect” that causes customers to buy other Apple products. Less than 20% of iPhones are currently sold in Apple Stores, and Cook won’t stand for it. Despite the […]

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If Navy SEALs Used Bluetooth Speakers on Ops, It’d Be These Tough Little Mothers

ecoxgear-ecorox  There’s a lot of similarity between the Ecoxgear Ecorox Bluetooth speaker/speakerphone and the Navy SEALs. They’re both rugged, packed with stamina and waterproof. Oh yeah, and they both come from aqua-crazy San Diego. The Ecorox isn’t like the growing cluster of water-resistant Bluetooth speakers that are simply impervious to splashed water. Instead, the Ecorox […]

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Sound for Disasters: Eton’s Tough New Rukus Bluetooth Speaker is Solar-Powered, Splashproof


Today Eton added the Rugged Rukus to their Rukus line of Bluetooth speakers. Like most of its Rukus siblings, the Rugged is solar-powered; unlike its siblings, the Rugged is splashproof. A great addition  for our all-hell-has-broken-loose list.

The Rugged Rukus carries a waterproof rating of IPX4, which means it’s pretty much immune to splashes (just don’t drop it in the bathtub or hose it down); it’s also tough enough to survive  [Read More…]

Goal Zero Switch 8 Solar Charger Is Small, Tough And Just Powerful Enough [Review]

Unobtrusive, and with more hooks and loops than a roller-coaster full of pirates.

Switch 8 by Goal Zero Category: Solar Chargers Works With: Anything with a USB port Price: $ 99

As travel chargers go, The Goal Zero Switch 8 kit is about as convenient as it gets. The two panels fold into one easy-to-carry pack, and on the back is a zippered mesh bag in which the battery pack and USB converter  [Read More…]

Apple’s Tough Rules Are Making Global Carriers Balk At Price To Sell iPhone


There’s no doubt that the iPhone is one of the most popular pieces of technology ever invented. The rush of people lining up for hours just to buy one usually causes competing carriers to trip all over themselves for the opportunity to sell the iPhone, except recently the list of carriers clamoring for the iPhone has slowly dwindled to just a few prospects.

Despite its successes, Apple is missing out on  [Read More…]

The Little Braven BRV-1 Speaker Is Tough Enough To Follow You Everywhere [Review]

Boinggggg! You can bounce this little fella around. Go on — he won’t care.

BRV-1 by Braven Category: Speakers Works With: Anything Price: $ 179

Say hi to the little Braven BRV-1. Take a while to get acquainted… You’re going to be spending a lot of time together this summer. Why? Because not only does this little fella sound pretty good, he can follow you almost literally everywhere you might go – beach,  [Read More…]

Protex iPad Case Is Tough Enough To Take On A Four Year Old Child


The Protex iPad from Higher Ground cover looks to be just about ideal. It’s a regular-looking TPU rubbery rear skin, but it packs a bunch of features to a) stop you from dropping it and b) protect it when you do. And as a bonus, it also has the best, most minimal demo video ever.

The case’s first feature is the x-shaped strap on the back. This gives you something to grab, or somewhere to  [Read More…]

Ballistic Tough Jacket For iPad Is More Case Than Most People Will Need [Review]

Not much is going to get through this lot.

The Ballistic Tough Jacket is the clearest case of overkill I have seen in a while. If you need protection at the cost of size, weight and style, then you should probably buy one now. Otherwise, read on. The case is actually pretty useful.

The Jacket comes in three parts, and putting them onto your iPad is a little like dressing a  [Read More…]

Tough And Sensitive, The Pentax K5-II And K5-IIs

You could probably use this to hammer in nails. Probably.



Pentax other announcement at Photokina this week concerns a pair of prosumer-level SLRs, the K5-II and the K5-IIs. These are the exact same camera, only the S has had its low-pass filter left off, and will cost you $ 100 more than the vanilla K5-II. The low-pass, or anti-aliasing filter allows for higher-resolution images, but could introduce unwanted moir patterns into photos.  [Read More…]