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Facebook’s same-sex celebration takes your profile pic to Rainbow Town

The highest court in the land has spoken. Gay marriage is now legal and much of Facebook is celebrating Friday’s historic day with messages, memes and pictures. Facebook will help you celebrate pride by letting you add a rainbow filter…Read more ›

Facebook Messenger gets the slickest read receipts in town

Read receipts. They’re the first thing I turn off when I get a new messaging app or iOS device. But Facebook is doubling down on read receipts in the new Facebook Messenger, which has new, blisteringly fast notifications showing you…Read more ›

There’s plenty of room for retrotastic fun in this 2-bit Cowboy town

Saunter up to the bar, pardner, and we’ll tell you all about our little town here. We need a sheriff around these parts and you look like you’d fit the badge nicely. Here’s a gun; get out there and collect…Read more ›

Apple’s Town Hall Decorated For Tomorrow’s iPhone Event With Colorful Banners

macgpic_1378753658_watermarkedApple’s big iPhone extravaganza is tomorrow, and some colorful banners went up outside of the company’s Cupertino headquarters today. Unlike most product launches, Apple is holding this event at Town Hall, its own auditorium on campus. The last time Town Hall was used was in the fall of 2011 for the iPhone 4S, and this […]

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Make Your Mountain Lion Mac Announce The Time And Act Like A Town Crier [OS X Tips]

The Fred voice sounds like that Radiohead song.

Do you find yourself getting lost in activities on your computer, forgetting to check the time, missing appointments, even? If you get lost in a video game or Facebook surfing session often, you might consider having your Mac announce the time out loud, like the town crier in the days of old.

All it takes is a quick trip into the System Preferences.  [Read More…]

Tim Cook Unveils New Apple Employee Discount at Town Hall Meeting

It just got a little sweeter to be an Apple employee today. Tim Cook announced yesterday at a Cupertino Town Hall meeting new discounts available to both corporate and retail Apple employees. Before yesterday Apple employees enjoyed a nice 25% discount on Macs which equates to $250 for every $1,000 spent on a new mac. The new discount is a flat $500 off any Mac excluding the Mac Mini (which would almost be free). Users  [Read More…]

Tim Cook Holding Apple Town Hall Meeting to Discuss “Exciting New Things”

After Apples quarterly earnings call, Apples CEO, Tim Cook, seems to have sent out a short email to Apple employees not only congratulating them for both setting a record on the 2011 holiday quarter, but also starting 2012 with the launch of the education initiative withiBooks 2.0, iBooks Author, andiTunes U. This doesnt at all seem surprising considering the progress the Cupertino California company has made over the past few months. The most interesting thing  [Read More…]

Apple To Talk About Exciting New Things At Town Hall Meeting Tomorrow

image via AllThingsD

Following todays incredible earnings report for the first fiscal quarter of 2012, Apple CEO Tim Cook sent out a company-wide email asking employees to meet in Cupertinos Town Hall tomorrow at 10 AM. The email notes that the company will be talking about exciting new things. This internal meeting follows the release of iBooks 2, iBooks Author and the iTunes U app at Apples education event in  [Read More…]

Fun Game: Timeless: The Forgotten Town

Timeless The Forgotten Town for Mac Heres this weeks selection by Mac Games and More featuring a fun, casual game you can play into the weekend. The game pick includes a captivating hidden objects game that takes gamers back in time 100 years.   Timeless: The Forgotten TownTimeless: The Forgotten Town (hidden objects) Inside this gorgeously-made hidden objects game for Mac, it seems like just another ordinary day on the train  [Read More…]

The Paperless iPad Trend Continues In North Carolina Town

Turns out the military and pilots aren’t only ones benefiting from the iPad 2’s ability to make large quantities of papyrus useless. Cornelius, NC launched a new program that cuts down on the town’s paper use in government facilities, and the iPad 2 is the new work horse. iPad 2’s were passed out to city commissioners at a recent board meeting, and the plan is to use the devices for sharing agenda packets, budget information,  [Read More…]