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Apple Finally Granted Trademark For Passbook

The United States Patent and Trademark Office just granted Apple its trademark for Passbook that was originally filed in June. After several months of internal processing on the USPTO’s end, Apple now owns the rights to Passbook and can leverage its trademark against infringing companies.

Passbook was first announced by Apple at WWDC 2012 in June and was touted as the company’s digital wallet technology. After being included in the iOS 6 betas, Passbook  [Read More…]

Apple Attempts To Trademark Its Music Icon, But Myspace Got There First

The Music app on iPad.

Almost everything Apple creates is patented and trademarked in an effort to ensure that other companies can’t steal its ideas (though they do). However, sometimes the folks in Cupertino hit a stumbling block. That’s what happened when Apple attempted to trademark its Music app icon recently, only to find that Myspace got there first.

Apple introduced the Music app to iOS last year with iOS 5, splitting  [Read More…]

Chinese Higher Court Hears Apple’s iPad Trademark Appeal

Apple continued its battle against Proview this morning in the Higher People�s Court of Guangzhou.

The Higher Court is hearing Apple�s appeal to a lower courts decision that awarded Proview rights to the iPad moniker and a sales ban on the iPad in 30 Chinese cities. Proview is arguing Apple purchased the rights to the iPad name from a Taiwanese subsidiary of Proview that did not have the rights to make such a deal. Proview released  [Read More…]

Apple Addresses Proview iPad Trademark Lawsuit

Late last night Apple addressed�efforts by the Chinese company Proview�to take Apple�s iPad off shelves in the country because of Proview�s claim to the trademark on the term iPad in China.

�We bought Proview�s worldwide rights to the iPad trademark in 10 different countries several years ago. Proview refuses to honor their agreement with Apple, and a Hong Kong court has sided with Apple in this matter,� according to the statement, which also said the case  [Read More…]

Salesforce Chief Breaks Rules of Trademark Hoarding, Gives Steve Jobs App Store Name

Marc Benioff, Salesforce CEO, ignored all rules of trademark engagement and simply handed over the trademark for “App Store” his company Salesforce held to Steve Jobs.

Giving something as potentially valuable as the trademark “App Store” to Steve Jobs, someone who can pave a path to the sun and back with $100 bills, is either incredibly stupid or incredibly honroable.

For Benioff, it was a way to show his appreciation to Jobs. Sir Jobs, on multiple  [Read More…]

Apple Granted U.S. Trademark for “280”

According to Trademarkia Apple was granted a U.S. trademark last week for “280.” Obviously, Apple can’t trademark a number, imagine fit microsoft would have every time someone typed 360.

But, as TechCrunch points out, a quick glance at the maps icon Apple uses for its iOS navigation app and everything makes sense. The icon shows Interstate 280 along with with pinpointing the exact location of Apple’s headquarters at Infinite Loop in Cupertino, California.

The only developers  [Read More…]

Apple Files for ‘iCloud’ Trademark in Europe

According to a new report, Apple is busy putting the legal finishing touches on its ownership of all things iCloud-related. Based on a new trademark filing in Europe for “iCloud,” our friends at�Patently Apple reveal that the Cupertino, California-based company has a pretty extensive reach when it comes to classifying the nature of “iCloud.”

The European Trademark Office indicates that Apple filed its trademark under a dozen unique International Classes: telecommunications, electronic storage, online social networking  [Read More…]

Clarification: Intel Owns Thunderbolt Trademark, Not Apple

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The confusing non-confrontational custody battle over who owns Thunderbolt trademark between Apple, and Intel has reached a conclusion.

Rights to the trademark Thunderbolt, the new I/O technology co-developed by Intel and Apple, were originally filed by Apple. However, these rights are in the process of being transferred to Intel.


“As part of our collaboration with Apple, they did some of the initial trademark filings. Intel has  [Read More…]

Microsoft Goes Linguistic on Apple in Trademark Case

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Try as they might, Apple will not have an easy time securing the trademark for “App Store.” The people at Microsoft simply won’t let that happen. And to better ensure that it doesn’t, they’ve hired a linguistic expert to help illustrate why Apple is wrongfully laying claim to a phrase that should continue to exist as generic fair game for all.

In yet another complaint filed with  [Read More…]