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New retro-styled JRPG puzzle game Block Legend made it to the App Store today — and it’s accompanied by the most entertaining game trailer we’ve seen in ages. Inviting players to travel through a range of different lands fighting monsters… Read more ›     

The Elder Scrolls Online, from Bethesda Software, is coming April 4, 2014, and not to the hot new consoles, oh no. The hotly-anticipated online sequel to one of the hottest role-playing games of the past few years is coming to… Read more ›     

Whale Trail and Blip Blup developer Ustwo released a new trailer for its upcoming game Monument Valley, a stunningly beautiful game that looks to be influenced by the art of MC Escher, with gameplay that seems similar to hit indie… Read more ›     

Apple Has Pulled My Jony Ive Book Trailer

I had a jokey book trailer made to promote my new book about Jony Ive, Apple’s head designer. And Apple’s had it pulled off YouTube! The video wasn’t even public. It was unlisted. I offered a sneak peek to readers…

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Maybe I’m just a sucker for a dramatic Blade Runner-style soundtrack, but this new shooter from publisher Crescent Moon Studios and developer Tasty Poison Games (Pocket RPG) looks pretty darn exciting. First person shooters are hard to do well on…

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Majesco Entertainment contacted us Wednesday with its launch trailer for upcoming game, Romans from Mars, an endless-wave castle defense game that will be out on the App Store this Thursday. The game places you behind an upgradable ballista, which is…

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On Friday, we caught an early glimpse at MOGA’s upcoming iPhone control pad, the Ace Power, thanks to leaked photos that were published ahead of its official debut. And now we have a leaked trailer, too. The 30-second clip shows…

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infinityblade3We got a glimpse of the incredible graphics and gameplay of Chair’s upcoming Infinity Blade III during the Apple’s keynote on Tueday, but Chair released a cinematic trailer for the new game this morning that dives into the Infinity Blade mythology of the first two games before setting up the narrative of the final chapter […]

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Here there be dragons. And lens flare aplenty.Remember that amazing trailer that Apple introduced on stage yesterday to show of its new iPhone 5s? It was Infinity Blade III, what Epic Games’ Donald Mustard called, “The conclusion of the epic Infinity Blade trilogy.” If anything, the trailer below shows off just how amazing mobile gaming can look like. Just like the last […]

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FatesForeverScreenshotRetinaFor those of us waiting for a hardcore iPad version of massively online battle arena (MOBA) game like League of Legends or Defense of the Ancients, Open Feint founder Jason Citron might have the solution. His latest gaming company, Hammer & Chisel, has been hard at work creating the tablet-only MOBA, Fates Forever. We spoke […]

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