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New Withings Fitness App Now Tracks Training And Sleep

By huge coincidence, I downloaded the brand new Withings app moments after its launch, almost by accident. The new app, which is iPhone-only (or pixel-doubled on the iPad) until a future update arrives), does a much nicer job than the old one of tying together the data from Withings’ various health devices, and remains completely free.

Unlike the previous Withings app, the new one (call simply “Withings”) wants to be a hub for your health tracking. You can hook  [Read More…]

Apple Begins Offering Mountain Lion Training And Certification Options For IT Pros

Following the launch of Mountain Lion, Apple has started rolling out Mountain Lion IT certifications.

Apple has launched its first Mountain Lion training guide and certification for IT professionals. The certification is the Mountain Lion edition of the Apple Certified Associate – Mac Integration certification, which can be viewed as the introductory Mac IT certification.

Apple began offering the certification following last year’s launch of Lion. Unlike Apple’s other certification options, Apple  [Read More…]

Apple Downsizes IT Training And Certification – How The Changes May Impact You

Apple’s now-discontinued Xserve and Xserve RAID enterprise hardware

Like many technology companies, Apple offers training and certification programs. The company’s certification options have typically been aimed at three different core competencies: hardware troubleshooting/repair, IT support and systems administration, and creative professionals using Apple’s “Pro” applications. As Apple has moved out of the data center over the past year and a half, it has been making major changes to its training  [Read More…]

Last Day To Grab The “Build iOS Apps From Scratch” Training Video From Cult of Mac Deals

These days, the App Store is where it’s at. And if you don’t act fast, you may miss your opportunity to learn how to build an iOS app from scratch! This deal ends tonight at Midnight PST, so make sure to check it out. If you have a great idea for an iPhone or iPad app, the only thing that’s stopping you from getting it out there is the actual coding  [Read More…]

Leaked Verizon Training Materials Show Shared Data Plans

Consumers can share minutes, but leaked Verizon employee training materials show the same convenience could soon be extended to data plans for cell phone users. Family plans already allow cellphone users to share an allotment of minutes, but despite talk by all of the big three about shared data plans, the option still isn’t available to consumers. The Verizon training materials, leaked by Engadget, show how far the company has come in implementing shared data plans.  [Read More…]

Embarrassing Apple Retail Store Training Video Leaks

Retail training videos are usually terrible, and embarrassing for everyone involved. Apple retail stores are no exception. I’m sure those involved in the video above prayed every night after filming this the video would be buried beneath the backyard wrestling and makeup tutorial videos of the Internets. Alas, it was not meant to be. MacRumors discovered the video and brought it back to life. The video lays out the APPLE retail strategy in a horrifically cheesy rap video that decides to  [Read More…]

Apple Requiring Union Training For Retail Managers

Apple Store at NYC’s 5th Ave. (Photo by Phil Photostream – http://flic.kr/p/8S9RCu)

Cue up the Norma Rae theme music. Apple is about to go up against the unions. Well, not quite. The tech giant is starting mandatory training for retail store managers that includes the “legal do’s and don’t of dealing with unions.” The training comes as Apple marks the 10th anniversary of its retail stores, now numbering 357 worldwide.  [Read More…]

Apple Store Employees Started Training For iOS 5 And iCloud

According to a 9to5Mac source, Apple has started training it’s Apple Store employees for iOS 5 and iCloud. iOS 5 training The source also reported that the training is done via the recently launched internal RetailMe application. Apple usually starts training its employees about two weeks before the launch of the product. This  [Read More…]

Apple Begins Training Retail Staff for iOS 5 & iCloud — Could Release Be Imminent?

In typical Apple fashion, the company is keeping the release date for iOS 5 and the accompanying iCloud service a big secret, but the launch of these products could be right around the corner. According to screenshots taken from its internal RetailMe application, Apple has now begun training retail store staff for the upcoming release of its new services. A source for 9to5 Mac has provided a number of screenshots from  [Read More…]

Canadian Carrier Begins iPhone 5 Employee Training, May Expect Next iPhone Within Weeks [Rumor]

Take this with a huge grain of salt, but one site is reporting that a new leaked memo says that Canadian wireless carrier Rogers is already making their employees undertake “iPhone Pre-Launch Training.” If history’s any guide, that could mean the iPhone 5 will be out within three weeks.