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Ron Johnson is taking the lessons he learned from Steve and applying them to JC Penny

Even though Steve Jobs gets credit for making the gutsy move to open Apple retail stores across the country, Ron Johnson deserves a lot of praise for the Apple Store’s success.

Johnson’s vision helped Steve create the most successful chain of retails stores on the planet. Then Johnson left to become the CEO of JC Penny,  [Read More…]

The Transformers movies aren’t all that bad. Well, except for the moronic plots, Shia LaBeouf, Megan Fox, Michael Bay, and the over-the-top explosions. I mean, at least the robots are kind of cool. Who wouldn’t want a Camero that can annihilate an entire city for you?

Brave Robotics is a Tokyo-based company that’s bringing Transformer-style robots into the real world, complete with arm missiles and everything. The only catch is that right now a humanoid that transforms into a car costs about $ 26,000.

  [Read More…]

The iPad is engaging students and transforming the K-12 education experience.

During its education event in January, Apple unveiled its plans to revolutionize the K-12 classroom with the iPad, electronic textbooks, a revamped version of iTunes U that supports content for K-12 schools as well as higher education, and tools for educators to create their own digital content using iBooks Author and iTunes U.

In the intervening months, schools and districts around  [Read More…]

Like a quickly evolving ape, the Origami stroller goes from crouched to upright under its own power

Gas prices remain high, but over-achieving parents still need their status symbols. So I declare that the stroller is the next SUV, or Strolling Utility Vehicle. Exhibit A, the Origami stroller.   As befits the replacement for the Chelsea Tractor, the Origami comes equipped with an embarrassment of superfluous gizmos. As you’d expect,  [Read More…]

As more information about Steve Jobs and his plans continue to be revealed from his biography, interesting topics and speculation continue to arise. According to some information revealed by The New York Times, the next market Jobs wanted to explore was the market for school textbooks. This was publicized around the time when the iPad was first released as well but Jobs’ biography gives more insight into the matter. Apparently he held several meetings with major publishers  [Read More…]