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High-tech megaphone will translate your speech in real-time

A blaring megaphone is an effective way to get people’s attention. But what if the people in the room speak a multitude of languages? A Tokyo airport is trying to solve the language gap with international travelers with a megaphone that lets the user communicate in three different languages. A worker speaking one of three […]

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Google Translate update brings Split View, new instant visual language

Learning a new language is hard work, especially if you’ve been raised in the U.S., which tends to eschew any real multi-lingual literacy. These days, however, Google Translate lets us all communicate a little more easily across language barriers. A new update for the app today brings both Split View support for newer iPads along […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Translate Words & Phrases from Foreign Languages with iPhone & Word Lens

Have you ever been somewhere with something written in a foreign language and wondered what the heck it said in your own language? Or, have you ever looked at a sign, book, or printed text somewhere, and wished you could instantly translate that something into the language of your choice? With your iPhone and the … Read More

iTranslate is the easiest way to translate over 80 languages on the Mac

iTranslate has been one of the most popular language tools on iOS for a long time, and today it comes to the Mac. With support for over 80 languages, voice output to help with pronunciation, and a clean menubar app…Read more ›

Baffled by exotic tweets? TweetDeck can translate for you

With the global reach of Twitter, it’s totally possible you’re following a few folks that don’t necessarily Tweet in your native language. When that happens, it’s Tweetdeck to the rescue with its very useful translation function. Here’s how to make…Read more ›

Google Translate Adds iOS 7 Keyboard And Status Bar

When Google Translate received its post iOS 7 update last September it was missing one important feature: the iOS 7 keyboard. That has been amended in the free translation app’s latest update, which builds on the streamlined and modern look…Read more ›    [Read More…]

iTranslate, The Best Translate App For iPhone, Is Now On The iPad Too

I’ve tried plenty of popular translation apps in the App Store, and my favorite by far is SonicoMobile’s iTranslate. Until a couple days ago, the app was only optimized for iPhone, but on Turkey Day an iPad version was released as…Read more ›    [Read More…]

The New Google Translate For iOS7 Adds Handwriting Recognition

IMG_2303The new Google Translate is ready for the iPhone and iPad, and it’s a fantastic update. While other apps are better at giving you context and points of grammar, Google’s app is hard to beat for fast translations of single words or phrases. And now it adds a third way to input words: handwriting. The […]

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Instagram Will Now Magically Translate Instagram Mentions Into Twitter Mentions

One of the biggest annoyances of using Instagram is when I have a friend who also uses Twitter and I want to mention them in a photo that I’m about to post to Twitter, except their Instagram and Twitter usernames are completely different.

It’s not a huge inconvenience, but it’d just be easier if everything was the same. Instagram says they just solved that problem and now Instagram names will magically be  [Read More…]

[Review] Lingual – Make Siri Translate to Other Languages

A new plugin allows Siri to make language translations for you! Do you remember yesterday’s introduction forAssistantExtensions? It’s arguably the most useful tweak every designed for Siri and probably will continue to be the most useful tweak ever designed for Siri for the upcoming future because it lets developers use its framework to build extensions for Siri so that Siri can do more stuff than it already can! Long enough sentence? Whew. Now let’s try  [Read More…]