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Wozniak: I don’t like being trapped in Apple’s ecosystem

Despite still technically being an Apple employee, Steve Wozniak isn’t known for voicing the Cupertino official line when asked about recent iDevelopments. Speaking at a recent conference, hosted by enterprise software firm New Relic, Woz chimed in about his thoughts on the Apple ecosystem, Tim Cook’s belief that the iPad Pro could replace your need […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Cop uses Find My iPhone to rescue trapped crash victim

Find My iPhone has been used hundreds of times to find stolen Apple devices, but police in San Jose found a new use for tracking app yesterday: rescuing a crash victim after her car plunged 500 feet down the side…Read more ›

‘iOS In The Lift’ Makes Getting Trapped In The Elevator A Joy

Apple finally revealed its CarPlay system yesterday that brings iOS access to your car’s dashboard. Some suburbanites rejoiced at a new rush-hour-infotainment center – especially those who can afford a Ferrari or Benz — but  if you’re a car-less city slicker…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Trapped In An iPhone: Three iPhones [Video]

Article flash to give you a good morning and put some in a good mood .Here is a video a genius: his name is Trapped in an iPhone and is made ??using a technique very funny. Let’s check out Video together after the jump. Ronen Verbit Vanya Polunin and have made three videos and play them back simultaneously with three iPhone, get something very very funny. Via | Ronenv