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Turn Off the Screen Shot & Empty Trash Sound Effects in Mac OS X

Mute icon in Mac OS X Anytime you take a screen shot in Mac OS X or empty the trash you hear a little sound effect that accompanies the action. With a screenshot it sounds like a camera shutter clicking, and with the Trash it kind of sounds like a bunch of papers being crumpled and dumped out.

Cute sound effects, and they certainly serve their purpose of alerting a user to  [Read More…]

4 Useful Trash Keyboard Shortcuts Every Mac User Should Know

Trash Shortcuts in Mac OS X

Trash is one of those overlooked aspects of OS X that you probably don’t think much about, most of us just drag a file into it, empty the Trash to delete a document and free up disk space, and that’s about it. That’s fine, but there are also a handful of genuinely useful keyboard shortcuts that pertain to Trash on the Mac, and if you spend any  [Read More…]

Artist Pledges To Show Controversial Steve Jobs Trash Statue

Every time a company or artist decides to make a Steve Jobs figuirine, Apple’s lawyers rush in with their sledgehammers to stop its production. It happened with the M.I.C. Gadget Steve Jobs action figure in 2010, and to toy maker In Icon in 2012.

Most people have gotten the message and just stay clear from Steve Jobs’ likeness, but one artist is hoping that his controversial Steve Jobs sculpture will prompt Apple  [Read More…]

Force Empty Trash in Mac OS X When File is Locked or In Use

Force Empty the Trash if a file won't delete

Mac OS X can sometimes throw permissions errors when trying to delete files or empty the Trash. The most common variations of the errors are usually �Operation cannot be completed because the item �File� is in use� or �because the file is locked�, sometimes you can get around this by just quitting open applications or rebooting the Mac, but if you don�t want  [Read More…]

Secure Empty Trash in Mac OS X Lion

Secure Empty Trash on a Mac

If you need to delete sensitive information and have it completely inaccessible, you�ll want to use the �Secure Empty Trash� feature. This works by writing over a file immediately after it has been removed from the filesystem, something which otherwise takes place over time throughout normal computer usage.

Secure Empty Trash Quickly in OS X Lion

Mac OS X Lion makes it easier than ever to  [Read More…]

Disable the Empty Trash Warning in Mac OS X

Empty Trash warning in Mac OS X

Tired of having to approve the Trash being emptied in Mac OS X? You can either hold down the Option key when emptying the trashcan, or you can turn off the Trash warning dialog window completely in Finder preferences:

From the desktop, click on the �Finder� menu and choose �Preferences� Click on the �Advanced� tab Uncheck the box next to �Show warning before emptying the  [Read More…]