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Lloyds Bank’s Apple Pay ad is a heartwarming holiday treat

Living in the U.K. as I do (in contrast to most of my California-based Cult of Mac co-writers), Christmas ads are one of the few bright spots at this time of year. And Lloyds Bank just kicked off the season with a cracking 40-second ad showing off the fact that it is now well and […]

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Kahney’s Korner: Treat yourself to an iPhone-free vacation

My family and I just got back from a too-short vacation in Italy, and we learned something important while we were there: Real vacations don’t have e-mail. See, my wife was worried about us racking up unspeakably high bills while we were abroad, so we ended up almost completely disabling our iPhones for the entire […][Read More…]

Treat your ears to awesome Apple Music playlists

Apple Music has some amazing playlists created just for you, with humans behind the scenes making perfect mixes of music that fits your specific style and music tastes. You can make your own playlists, too, and share them out to friends and family, but what if you want to see other people’s playlists? There’s just […][Read More…]

Treat your ears to the weirdest holiday songs ever

It’s easy to list off classic songs of the season, isn’t it? Even now, the hit holiday tunes we all know by heart rush up the music charts every year, gracing radio and streaming options for the happiest season of…Read more ›

iPods Used To Treat Alzheimer’s Patients In Nursing Home Pilot Scheme

iPods are being used in a nursing home pilot program designed to help rekindle the memories of residents with Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias.   The program uses iPods, equipped with personalized playlists, to help improve the mood and interactions…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Halloween Treat! Shred With The Hans “Guitar” Solo T-Shirt [Deals]

We know clothing isn’t our niche but geeks still need to look good…right? If your goal is to become the biggest rock star the galaxy has ever seen, then pay homage to the original guitar “Solo”-ist with this galactic t-shirt…Read more ›

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Videoconference With Your Dog Via iPhone Using This Bizarre Remote Treat Dispenser From Petzila

Where's the treat, dude?I love my pets, I do. I have two stubborn, cute, snorty little pugs and I consider them part of the family. That’s why I sort of snorted myself when I saw the IndieGogo project page for Petzila, an odd little videoconferencing gadget that purports to let you connect to your pampered pooch via the […]

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Grab Another World – 20th Anniversary Edition On Steam For A Weekend Gaming Treat

Don't all physicists have a Ferrari?

Don’t all physicists have a Ferrari?

Another World (or, originally, Out of This World) is available on Steam for Mac now for ten bucks. The game has been likened to a proto action/platformer game, having been released in 1991, and then ported to the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES), the Sega Genesis, and the Apple IIGS in 1992. It’s a cult classic, exhibited at New York’s Museum  [Read More…]

Did Foxconn Freeze Hiring New Workers Because Apple Made Them Treat Existing Workers Better?

Foxconn may be hiring less workers because existing workers are more willing to stay on.

Foxconn may be hiring less workers because existing workers are more willing to stay on.

Apple stock plummeted recently after a rumor went around that Foxconn had instituted a hiring freeze based upon a slowdown in iPhone 5 production. Foxconn quickly and emphatically deniedthat the freeze had anything to do with the iPhone 5… but what was  [Read More…]