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Get a Christmas Tree & Blinking Lights on the Mac Desktop with TreetopLights

Want to decorate your Mac for Christmas and the holidays? How about putting some blinking Christmas lights and a tree on your Mac desktop? If you’re feeling festive then you’re in luck, because the classic Mac app TreetopLights still works on many Macs (as long as they have 32-bit apps support anyway, sorry Catalina). Get … Read More

Using a Mac Equivalent of Unix “tree” Command to View Folder Trees at Terminal

Mac users who come from a unix background may appreciate knowing how to implement the equivalent to the Unix “tree” command in macOS and Mac OS X. There are actually a few different ways to show a folder tree in the Terminal of Mac OS X, we’ll cover an easy tree equivalent achieved through an … Read More

Selfie-obsessed driver slams into tree, injures all

Enough with the constant need to take photos of ourselves, ok? According to a report in the Bangor Daily News, 29-year-old Jordan Toner decided to lean in to a selfie taken by one of his seven passengers while driving along Deering Lake Road at about 1:30 pm this past Saturday. Needless to say, it turned […][Read More…]

Netherlands Apple Store Won’t Open This Year, Christmas Tree Returned

Remember that story we ran recently about the Grinch Apple Store that stole Christmas? For those who don’t recall, the news item in question concerned a giant Christmas tree  in shopping area De Passage of Netherlands city The Hague, which…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Check Out The Large Christmas Tree On Apple’s Cupertino HQ [Image]

Apple UI designer Robert Padbury took the above pic from Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino, California. The location is Caffe Macs, Apple’s world class cafeteria. As you can see, Apple has decorated its campus for the holidays, and others pause to look at the giant Christmas tree outside.

Apple is shutting down iTunes Connect from December 21st-28th to give employees time off to enjoy the holidays.

Source: Instagram

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Tree Outliner Helps You Think Laterally With Its Sideways View [Review]

Tree outliner for OS X Tree is an outliner with a difference it offers an unusual horizontal view of your document alongside a host of useful outlining features.   Most outliners are designed to work like most electronic documents, as electronic equivalents of a piece of paper held in portrait position. But Tree is tailor-made for your computers wide screen, and re-orientates everything sideways. So your outline  [Read More…]

Trim Your Christmas Tree With These iPhone And iPad Holiday Ornaments

Because hanging a fragile slate of glass and aluminum from a thin twig of Christmas fir is a road to ruin: these iPad 2 and iPhone 4 Christmas Tree ornaments. Dont expect anything fancy they are strictly two-dimensional, printed from photo-quality paper and backed by high-quality cardboard. Heck, you could probably save $ 11.00 and make them yourself from paper lying around your office. Still, tis the season to  [Read More…]

The Many Fruits Of The iPod Family Tree [Infographic]

iPod 10th Anniversary: To celebrate the iPods 10th anniversary on Sunday October 23, weve been running several special features which we hope will allow our readers to look back at Apples most iconic product with fun and fondness. Over the last ten years, the iPod has gone from a single device designed to hold your MP3s to a family of  [Read More…]

How Thick Are The Branches On Apples Gadget Family Tree? [Infographic]

This fantastic infographic divvies up exactly how much of Apples sales comes from each branch on its tree of devices: iPhone, Mac, iPod and iPad. Im astonished by how big the iPad has grown practically overnight from a twig to a branch: its about to overtake Mac sales, and doubtlessly will by the iPad 3 at latest. The infographic appeared originally in the September 12th issue of Time Magazine. Thanks  [Read More…]

The Apple Family Tree [Infographic]

Some of us probably remember the Apple I. Then there was the Lisa, followed by the first Macintosh. Apple products haveevolved rapidly in the last 35 years, and now Apple has become much more of a mobile company. Mashable has put together a wonderful infographic, called The Apple Tree. What would Apple products look like if they were placed into a family tree? Find out after the break! [Read More…]