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Remembering Steve: Apple Shares Fan Tributes Through Its Website

Apple has updated its website this morning introduce a ‘Remembering Steve‘ page which shares a selection of tributes left by Apple fans from all over the world since Steve passed away on October 5. The page automatically refreshes every so often with new tributes from fans who have shared their memories, thoughts, and feelings on Steve’s passing. Over a million people have already shared their tributes, according to Apple, and fans are  [Read More…]

Check Out These Steve Jobs Tributes In Minecraft

The Jobs tributes show no sign of slowing down. Some Minecraft players have been getting busy building their own Jobs tributes out of blocky Minecraft stuff. The one above, by KickAssTechnology, is particularly nicely done and ends on a poignant tone. There’s more where that came from.   Plus some stills of more tributes, like this one from StBrahmintippa and this one by Teaminecraft.

Windows of San Francisco Apple Store Covered in Fan Tributes

This is what the San Francisco Apple Store looks like tonight. Fans have plastered the windows in sticky-note tributes. Here’s a Twitter search listing some of the other store memorials popping up all over the world. Photo by patr1ck.

Five Weirdest Tributes to Steve Jobs

An iPad case.

Following the resignation of  Steve Jobs last week, a host of handy folks got busy making stuff to ride the wave of his popularity. Here is some SJ-related merchandise you could spend your money on, but probably shouldn’t. 1. The love note. Clean simple, for Apple aficionados only, it declares “I love you more than I  [Read More…]