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Super Battle Tactics is a free-to-play iOS game published by DeNA that has you using virtual tanks to face off against other players or AI opponents; you’ll choose which upgrades and tactics you’ll use your available action points on to… Read more ›

This week: now with over 300,000 followers, we welcome back professional Instagram’er Cory @WithHearts Staudacher to share his iPhone photo editing tips and reveal which camera apps he relies on daily. Also on the docket: why our cities deserve municipal… Read more ›

When using your iOS device, you can get used to doing things the same way, day after day. But sometimes there are more efficient ways of getting things done with your iPhone or iPad. In today’s video, we show you… Read more ›

Many advanced Mac users spend a lot of time at the command line of OS X, accessed through the Terminal app. While generally the Terminal is fast and efficient, sometimes it can slow down over time, or suffer from some performance degradation due to user preference settings. If you feel that Terminal app is being … Read More

Mac Terminal icon One of the most commonly used command line tools is ‘cd’, which stands for change directory, and as you probably know is used to navigate directories and switch between one folder or another within the file system. For those just learning and starting to familiarize themselves with the Terminal and command line, here are five tricks for the otherwise simple ‘cd’ command that are guaranteed to make your life  [Read More...]

Command key tricks for OS X

The Mac command key, sitting alongside the spacebar and containing that funky looking icon logo, is commonly used for initiating keyboard shortcuts throughout OS X. But that command key also has some nice usability tricks up its sleeve that are lesser known and underutilized, many of which can help with your general workflow throughout OS X and the Finder. Here are five particularly handy tips  [Read More...]

OS X has a handful of typing tools that can help Mac users of just about any skill level improve their writing skills and typing abilities. Whether someone is just learning how to type and needs a few pointers for common errors, to help recalling words, or even diversifying word choice and language a bit, that’s what these four simple tricks come in.

Mac typing tricks

1: Use Auto Correct for Typos  [Read More...]

Podcasts AppWhen the Podcasts app showed up a bit after the release of iOS 6, we were all excited that Apple was taking its unintended creation of a new media form seriously. While the app is fairly simple to use, there are subtleties that we might miss. Let’s take a look at some readers’ questions about [...]

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4 Simple Performance Tricks to Speed Up Any Mac

Simple Mac Performance Tips to Speed Up Any Mac

All modern Macs are pretty fast these days, but sometimes we all need a performance boost to get things done as efficiently as possible. That’s what these simple tricks are aimed at, they will help you speed up any Mac and get the absolute best performance out of the OS X machine by having a simple focus on resource utilization. This will help  [Read More...]

ibooks_multipleWe’re still finding some great new features and tricks in OS X Mavericks beta, and while it’s not a huge overhaul like the more populare iOS 7 update, Mavericks has plenty of great things going on under the hood. And some of it even on top of the hood. Here are five more interesting tips [...]

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