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Jobs’ widow tried to block the release of Steve Jobs movie

Could the story behind the upcoming Steve Jobs movie be even more exciting than the movie itself? Having seen the movie dropped by its original backers, experienced damaging leaks as a result of the Sony hack, and topped off by a recent war of words between Tim Cook and writer Aaron Sorkin, now a new […]

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Crazy Apple fans tried to sell their kidneys for iPhone 6s

How much do you want an iPhone 6s? Probably not as much as the two men in China’s eastern Jiangsu Province who reportedly attempted to sell their kidneys to buy Apple’s latest must-have handset. The bizarre story claims that friends Wu and Huang decided to sell a kidney each to get the money for an […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Apple tried to score ESPN SportsGuy for exclusive podcast

Apple is looking to create its own original content, and according to a new report, that almost included signing former ESPN ‘Sports Guy’ Bill Simmons to provide an exclusive podcast for Apple users. ESPN abrupty announced that they would not be renewing Simmons’ contract earlier this year, which led Apple media boss Eddy Cue to […][Read More…]

I tried split-screen multitasking on the iPad, and here’s what I discovered

Almost from the start, iPad users have begged and pleaded with Apple to add a missing feature: split-screen multitasking. Split-screen multitasking is the ability to run two or more apps simultaneously, side by side, just like you can on a…Read more ›

We tried the apps your mother warned you about (and survived)

Thanks to your iPhone you can couch surf, catch a ride downtown, find a date or maybe even source a freebie for dinner. The sharing economy has gone mainstream, filling our smartphones with apps that run counter to your mother’s admonitions. You…Read more ›

Beats CEO Tried To Sell A Music Subscription Service to Steve Jobs 10 Years Ago


Rumors have been saying that Apple is gearing up to launch an iTunes music subscription service in 2013. The product has clearly been years in the making, and Steve Jobs was apparently being pitched the idea a decade ago.

Jimmy Iovine is the CEO of Beats, Dr. Dre’s bumpin headphone line. Iovine has a long history in the music industry, and he previously ran Interscope records. Back in the early  [Read More…]

Instagram Adds New Filter, Hopes You’ll Forget It Tried To Sell You Out

Instagram’s iOS app has been updated to v3.4.0. It fixes a few ridiculous omissions from the last version, and adds a new filter, no doubt as a way to get users to shut up about the Terms of Service debacle.

The new filter is called Mayfair, and is no compensation for those still hurting from the removal of the excellent Gotham filter, back in the day. It adds extra contrast, makes people’s skin look  [Read More…]

Samsung Tried To Send Former Apple Designer $60 To Testify In Trial

Last week we found out that back in 2006 Apple Industrial Designer, Shin Nishibori, was asked to create mockups of what an iPhone-like device would look like if created by Sony. Nishibori’s prototype mockups have become a hot item of debate in the Apple vs Samsung trial as Samsung was hoping to use them as evidence that Apple copied Sony.

The court recently dismissed the images, but Samsung wanted to get  [Read More…]

Steve Jobs Himself Tried To Talk Some Sense Into Samsung Over Copycat IP Before Smacking The Sense Into Them

Although Samsung continues to supply parts for a range of Apple devices, making Apple the Korean companys largest customer, the pair dont seem to have the best relationship these days. They are currently involved in a number of legal spats which has seen Apple accuse Samsung of copying the iPhone and iPad with its Galaxy range of smartphones and tablets, but before the courtroom battles began, Steve Jobs gave Samsung the  [Read More…]