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Kindness company tries to sell you on paying it forward

When a man in Australia created a service where you could pay him to send glitter bombs to unsuspecting enemies, his story went viral and a crushing number of requests shut down his website. Jesse Weinberg wonders if what worked for vengeance might also work with kindness. Weinberg’s Kindness & Co. will send you a […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Rare tour tries to prove Foxconn isn’t the hellhole we thought it was

Having been the subject of Pulitzer Prize-winning reports and BBC documentaries, the questionable standards of conditions at Apple supplier Foxconn’s factories has made the company notorious, while its work building iPhones has made it rich. But a new tour of…Read more ›

12-year-old girl tries to poison mom for taking away iPhone

Separating kids from their iPhones and iPads can be a big struggle for most parents, but for one mom in Boulder Colorado, things got down right deadly after her daughter tried to poison her for taking away an iPhone. Two…Read more ›

Octopus tries to eat camera that made him famous

GoPro may have a new celebrity endorser, but he seems like a real sour pus. An octopus in the neuroscience lab at Middlebury College apparently did not like having a GoPro placed in its tank. It turned the camera around…Read more ›

Samsung tries to buy its way onto Apple Pay’s turf with LoopPay

Samsung has bought its own Apple Pay competitor with LoopPay, a U.S. startup that makes cases and accessories for wirelessly transmitting card data with a magnetic signal. First rumored back in December, Samsung will allegedly integrate LoopPay’s technology into its…Read more ›

Robot vacuum tries to suck up sleeping woman

Robot vacuums might be having a moment. Should sales suddenly spike, it may be because of the unintentional endorsement from a South Korean woman, who made news when her hair got sucked up by her robot vacuum. The woman had…Read more ›

Burned by Apple, Intel tries to hide its unprofitable mobile chip division

Intel is losing against ARM when it comes to mobile. This is incontrovertible. In smartphones and tablets, Intel’s chips just haven’t been able to compete with the likes of Apple, Samsung, Qualcomm, and Nvidia…. despite the billions of dollars Intel…Read more ›

Meet Inbox: Google tries to reinvent email yet again

Google announced Wednesday a new way to manage email: Inbox by Google. It’s a refinement of Google’s already pretty rad Gmail service, and it’s headed up by the folks, like Jim Denis, who used to work for Sparrow, a fantastic…Read more ›

Samsung tries to revive Bendgate with Galaxy Note 4 ad

Samsung might be a company that likes to jump in early when it comes to attacking rival Apple, but it’s also more than happy to hang around to get the last laugh. With the heat from Bendgate now dissipating, Samsung…Read more ›

Tim Cook says Apple tries to not collect data: “You’re not our product”

The second part of Tim Cook’s interview with Charlie Rose is scheduled to air tonight on PBS, and as a teaser for the show has released a short video of Tim Cook explaining Apple’s stance on user privacy and company transparency…Read more ›