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There’s some extremely hot offers at Cult of Mac Deals that are ending in the coming hours. We thought it would be a smart idea to highlight those offers one last time. Big savings can be had right now on… Read more ›

Phlight, A Lampshade For Your Camera Tripod

  You know all those tripods we feature here on Cult of Mac? Maybe you have a stack of them at home, or maybe you just have one of them, stuck at the back of the coat closet and generally… Read more ›     

Tom Gerhardt and Dan Provost formed Studio Neat after a successful Kickstarter campaign funded a simplistic iPhone tripod mount that conveniently doubled as a stand. That was back when the iPhone 4 was Apple’s latest. The smartphone landscape has changed quite… Read more ›     

The Lollipod is a portable trips that’s meant to come along with your where other tripod couldn’t, wouldn’t or shouldn’t. It’s an ultra lightweight camera stand that works with anything from an iPhone to a GoPro to a real camera.…

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Manfrotto’s new Pixi tripod is built to supports hefty compact cameras, but will be equally at home when shoved under your iPhone (via a case with a tripod screw mount, of course). In fact, it’s almost perfect for iPhoeography as it doubles as a handgrip letting you shoot much steadier video than you could with […]

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This amazing little iPhone stand has two great features: it is the size and shape of a credit card, letting you carry it with you always. And it somehow manages to hold the iPhone at any angle you like, in vertical or horizontal orientations. Is it magic?

No. Just clever engineering. The Pocket Tripod has several clever twists and folds, and it can also split into two halves for using in landscape.  [Read More…]

Jackpod Mounts iPhone On Tripod Using Headphone Socket

Yeah yeah I know. Another damn iPhone tripod mount. And on Kickstarter no less. I hear you: “Come on Sorrel, you handsome beast you1. Can’t you pick something new to write about?”

Well, cynical but smart reader — this one’s different. I promise. And it’ll work with pretty much any camera-phone ever.

The Jackpod, which is coincidentally what Aussie superstar Hugh Jackman (height 6′ 2″, age 44) calls his pussy palace, is pretty  [Read More…]

Now, where is that 100-pound bag of dog food?

Now, where is that 100-pound bag of dog food?

Have you ever tried to do any serious videography with an iPad? I don’t recommend it casually, but the iPad can be a great HD video tool, combining high resolution video capture abilities with a large screen for monitoring. Connecting it to a tripod, however, can be a trial.

SerialKickers aim to solve this problem  [Read More…]

Manfrotto 294 carbon fiber tripod 1

Carbon fiber tripods are great, aren’t they? They’re slim on weight, and if they’re built well, are steady as an oak. Problem is, good ones can cost $ 600-$ 800 dollars, and unless you’re regularly shooting for cash, it’s hard to justify spending that kind of cheese.

So when Manfrotto asked me to check out their 290-series MT294C3 carbon fiber tripod ($ 250 legs only, $ 319 with 3-Way  [Read More…]

Hip startup Studio Neat announced the original Glif on Kickstarter back in 2010, and the innovative iPhone tripod/mount hybrid became a huge success. Today Studio Neat announced that the iPhone 5 version of the Glif will start arriving to customers next week.

The regular Glif sells for $ 20, while the Glif+ with tripod lock and keyring loop costs $ 30.

The Glif is an iPhone accessory with two primary functions: mounting your iPhone onto a  [Read More…]