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Best iPhone tripods and mounts for photographers

In a few weeks, my partner and I are heading to London and Iceland for a two-week vacation. While London definitely isn’t a first for us, Iceland is. This trip also marks another important first for me: It’s the very first time I’m leaving my DSLR at home. I’ll be relying solely on my iPhone […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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The Fusion Plate Plays Nice With Camera Straps And Tripods [Kickstarter]

Those quick-access camera straps which loop through a ring screwed into the tripod socket are fantastic and terrifying in equal measure. Fantastic because they really are fast, convenient and comfortable to use (just ask Cult of Mac’s Traci Dauphin, who I have never seen without an Olympus hanging from a Black Rapid strap around her neck); and terrifying because you’re hanging your expensive camera from a strap which could unscrew itself any any  [Read More…]

TabMount Mounts Tablets On Tripods

What could possibly be dorkier than taking photos with your iPad? Taking those same photos with your iPad on a tripod, that’s what. So if you’re wearing a polo shirt and chinos, and have a phone holster on your belt, then this is for you: The iStabilizer tabMount.

As it’s name suggests, the tabMount works with any tablet. It’s a sprung jaw, much like that smaller iStabilizer mount for phones, which opens to the  [Read More…]