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Game dev creates the ultimate troll for Android pirates

App developers are fighting what seems like a losing battle against software pirates, but some of them are finding new ways to deter users from downloading their latest titles illegally. Noodlecake, the publisher behind games like Super Stickman Golf and Mikey Shorts, has created the ultimate troll for those who choose not to pay for its newest game: a pirate version that’s impossible […][Read More…]

Apple may not have to feed patent troll $533m after all

In a blow against patent trolls everywhere, a federal judge has thrown out a $ 532.9 million damages award against Apple, saying that the jury in the case may have had a “skewed damages horizon.” The case relates to a trial…Read more ›

Apple ordered to feed patent troll $533 million

Apple has been ordered to shell out $ 532.9 million to a patent troll after apparently infringing on intellectual property with iTunes features related to data storage and managing access through payment systems. The fee was awarded by a Texas court, and was positioned between…Read more ›

Patent troll threatens Apple with legal action over iCloud violation

Imagine a lifetime job with Apple, that doesn’t require you going into the office every day, from which you can never be fired, but which still gives you a sizeable guaranteed paycheck at the end of each month. If that…Read more ›

How to troll strangers over AirDrop with pictures of sloths

AirDrop on iOS makes it easier to share images and other files with the people around you than ever before, but it’s also a great way to troll innocent bystanders with space sloths. But there’s a way to protect yourself.…Read more ›

Patent troll threatens Apple with court action over FaceTime

When you’re a company with the kind of bank that Apple has, it’s no wonder that you’d be a target for patent trolls. Well, it seems that the trolls are out from under their bridge again, because Secure Web Conference Corporation…Read more ›

Patent Troll Blackberry Says Ryan Seacrest’s Typo Keyboard Is “Deliberate Copy”

Blackberry — which recently celebrated the notable achievement of a zero percent marketshare in the smartphone space — has turned into a patent troll now. In suing Ryan Seacrest’s Typo iPhone Keyboard case (which gives the iPhone a physical QWERTY…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Apple Wins Dismissal Of $2.2 Billion Patent Troll Suit

Apple has won the dismissal of a 1.57 billion-euro ($ 2.2 billion) German lawsuit, relating to an IPCom patent it was supposedly infringing upon. While no oral explanation has been given for the verdict, the court in Mannheim, Germany decided that Apple…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Facebook To Turn Super Troll This Week With Auto-Playing Video Ads For Us All

Facebook’s auto-playing video ads, which first appeared on iOS last week, will be seen by all users on all platforms later this week, The Wall Street Journal reports. You’ll see them on your desktop as well as your mobile devices, and they…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Why Is Apple The Bad Guy For Defeating This Patent Troll?

Back in 2010, Apple was seemingly randomly sued by an eccentric 70-year-old crank who claimed to have “come up with the idea” of the smartphone. That lawsuit has now come to trial, and the crank has lost, but what’s confusing…Read more ›    [Read More…]