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Swatch CEO trolls Apple Watch by calling it a ‘toy’

Swatch Group CEO Nick Hayek isn’t backing down from his anti-Apple stance. In a new interview, he dismisses the Apple Watch as nothing more than an “interesting toy, but not a revolution,” and says that Swatch won’t be jumping on the “computers for the wrist” bandwagon any time soon. We wonder if Tim Cook and Jony Ive would like […][Read More…]

Apple’s pile of money is patent trolls’ favorite target

A whopping 9 out of 10 patent lawsuits filed against tech companies in the first half of 2015 were brought by NPEs (non-practicing enterprises, a.k.a patent trolls), a new report reveals. Thanks to its status as the world’s most valuable company,…Read more ›

The unbelievable true story of Farty Troll‘s struggle to release

Apple has a history of blasting fart apps from its App Store. But when is a fart just a fart, and when is it art? Scott Kurtz, artist and writer of popular webcomic PvP, and his business partner Cory Casoni…Read more ›

Apple defeats patent trolls in courtroom combat

Chalk one up for Cupertino! A federal jury in Texas (where else?) said on Monday that Apple didn’t infringe on five wireless tech patents belonging to the patent licensing company Conversant Intellectual Property Management Inc. The verdict comes as a relief,…Read more ›

Apple was the #1 target of patent trolls in 2013

When it comes to getting sued over U.S. patent-infringements, no one is targeted more than Apple. A new study from a Lex Machina found that in 2013 Apple was the most frequent target of patent lawsuits, followed by Amazon at…Read more ›

Apple Teams With Old Enemies to Fight Patent Trolls

Apple’s thermonuclear war on Android has thrown the company into the courtroom more times in the last five years than ever before, so in an effort to make U.S. patent laws bend to its will, Apple has joined forces with…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Apple Tops List Of Companies Targeted Most By Patent Trolls

patentcasesApple is no stranger to lawsuits and with all the cash its been making the past few years, the lawsuits from patent trolls have been piling up. According to a new study on lawsuits from non practicing entities (patent trolls,) Apple got slammed with the more patent lawsuits (171 total) in the last five years […]

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President Obama Goes To War Against Patent Trolls


The term “patent troll” tends to be thrown around a lot when talking about Apple, Samsung, et al.’s endless patent litigation, but there’s a big difference between companies trying to protect their patent profiles in court and the sort of trolls who exist for no other reason than to sue other companies for violations on overly broad patents that they aren’t using, stifling innovation (for example, notorious in-app patent troll Lodsys).

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Patent Trolls Strike Again, Developers Pull Apps From App Store Fearing Lawsuits

Kootol, an India based company, has started sending out legal notices to a number of developers including IconFactory, the makers of Twitteriffic. The legal notices sent out claim the companies are infringeing on a US patent for Twitter style realtime feeds. It seems the entire iOS Twittaverse should be receiving legal notices soon. I’m surprised no patent trolls have tried to send legal notices to companies over patents for “displaying numbers and letters in such  [Read More…]