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Angela Ahrendts rallies the troops as Apple Watch launch looms

In a video sent out to Apple retail employees, Apple’s senior vice president of retail Angela Ahrendts clarified that the Apple Watch will be arriving for many customers this Friday, but that online ordering was still the only way the…Read more ›

Pentagon Develops Stress Disorder Apps for Troops

The Pentagon and Veterans Affairs have developed a number of iPhone and iPad apps to help soldiers struggling with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). The latest one, PTSD Coach, offers a self-assessment test, step-by-step instructions in muscle relaxation and breathing as well as resources for support and suicide prevention. Others like Breathe2Relax , Tactical Breather and  T2 MoodTracker are “portable stress management tools” offering breathing exercises and mood assessment.  [Read More…]

US Troops May Soon Be Equipped With Smartphones

If the U.S. military does start issuing smarthphones to troops, please for the love of Freedom Fries, and Harley Davidsons make Angry Birds impossible to load on the devices. I’m not joking. The easiest way to make the most powerful military force on earth irrelevant would be to figure out how to load Angry Birds or any of the Zynga games on our troops’ phones. That said, the army is about to conclude a six-week  [Read More…]