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Gunner Z Makes Driving A Giant, Armored Truck Kinda Boring [Review]

Gunner ZI really hate zombies. They’re gross and smelly and violent, and they get everywhere. So killing them is basically a victimless crime, right? For example: If I were to, say, take a truck and attach a giant mechanical arm to it, and then put a gun on the end of that arm, and then have […]

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Terrorize Pets With Griffin’s iPhone-Controlled MOTO Monster Truck

When the folks at Griffin were choosing a mythical creature for which to name their company1, they might have gone with Janus instead, to better reflect the schizophrenic nature of its offering: serious computer accessories vs. frivolous toys.

That’s not to say that the toys are bad. On the contrary, Griffin’s iOS-controlled choppers look amazing. And now they’re joined by these remote-controlled monster trucks.

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Mac Setups: The Investigators Desk & Truck Workstation

an investigators Mac desk setup

This weeks featured setup is a really great two-for-one arrangement from Tim N., an investigator who was able to replace a bunch of different gadgets and hardware with some killer Apple gear both in the office and on the road.

First up is his office setup, which includes some great Mac gear:

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Expect To See A Truck Load of SSDs At CES Thanks To Apple [CES 2012]

  For years weve heard a lot of hype about SSDs and how theyre going to change computing, but their progress has been slow, and the masses have been getting impatient. Well CES 2012 will be the start of SSDs officially entering into mainstream use thanks to Apple Inc. The best purchase I made in 2011 was when I replaced  [Read More…]

Apple iPod Engineering Manager Tragically Killed After Being Hit By A Truck While Riding His Horse

Allen ‘Skip’ Haughay and his prized horse, Regal Bull.

It was a tragic week in Cupertino as Allen Skip Haughay a popular iPod engineer and six-year Apple veteran was struck and killed by a truck in San Jose, California while riding his cherished horse, Regal Bull.   The accident happened on Saturday when Haughay, 48, was riding his horse on a way to a party half a mile  [Read More…]

Conduct Chaos From Your iPhone With This Remote Control Monster Truck

This remote controlled monster truck is the coolest iOS accessory Ive ever seen. Forget remote controlled helicopters; nothing wreaks havoc like a monster truck, and this one from Dexim is controlled entirely by your iPhone. Its called the AppSpeed Monster Truck and it costs just under $ 70. It comes with a custom-built RF transmitter that slots into your iOS devices 30-pin dock connector, placing 360 degrees of excitement in the  [Read More…]

Smuggle Truck Gets Raided at Border

Click the image to open in full size. The mysterious entity that is the Apple review board for applications rejected the app Smuggle Truck nearly three weeks ago. The game, developed by Owlchemy Labs, is a slightly more controversial version of their Apple friendly game Snuggle Truck available for iOS devices. In Smuggle Truck the objective is to navigate a truck filled with illegal immigrants through a series of obstacles. Immigrants can be hurled  [Read More…]