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First ‘mobile’ phones were a lot of junk in the trunk

When Lars Magnus Ericsson installed a telephone in his car, he proved you could communicate from the road. But while the first mobile phone was indeed mobile, it was anything but simple to use. Ericsson drove around Sweden and, when it was time to place a call, he would pull off to the side of […]

The Trunk: A Lightning Cable That’s Also An iPhone Stand


Here’s something for you: a bendable but still rigid Lightning-to-USB cable that can function not just as a charging and sync cable for your iPhone, but also as a make-shift stand, propping up your device on a coffee table, desk or even when it’s in a wall charger. $ 19.95. None too shabby.

Latest Siri Hack Will Lock Your Car, Pop Your Trunk, And Even Start Your Engine [Video]

Programming Siri to do weird and wonderful things that are yet to be sanctioned by Apple is quickly becoming a hacker�s favorite hobby. We�ve already seen how well the digital assistant can control your home�s thermostat, but this latest hack is even more impressive.

One developer has created used the same proxy featured in the thermostat hack to connect Siri with his Viper car alarm system. He can now tell his iPhone to lock his car, enable his  [Read More…]