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Sick of Apple Watch unboxing videos? This one’s different. Trust us.

This is the best Apple Watch unboxing video ever. Watch an Apple Watch unbox itself! Created by YouTube video makers Andy Schneider & Jonathan Britnell, collectively known as Burger Fiction, this unboxing video was done entirely with stop-motion animation. In…Read more ›

Trust the magic pipeline and other key takeaways from Apple’s Q3 earnings call

Even Apple execs sounded pleasantly surprised as they revealed last quarter’s mostly higher-than-expected numbers Tuesday. But in what’s become something of a refrain in Cupertino, they couldn’t stop themselves from vague and knowing references to the incredible products waiting in…Read more ›

Undo an Accidental “Don’t Trust” Computer Tap with iOS Devices

Every time you connect an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to a new computer, you’ll get a “Trust This Computer?” alert dialog popping up. If you’ve updated iTunes or reset an iOS device to factory settings, sometimes you’ll even see this Trust dialog box on a computer you’ve already chosen to trust from that device. … Read More

iOS 7′s ‘Frequent Locations’ Is A Reminder Of How Much We Trust Apple With Tracking Us

iOS-6-Maps-640x425You know the little Location Services triangle in the top right of your iPhone’s status bar well. It floats there faithfully every day, representing modern technology’s obsession with location data. Knowing where you are and what you do on a daily basis is incredibly valuable to advertisers and merchants looking to sell the next “x […]

The post iOS 7′s ‘Frequent Locations’ Is A Reminder Of How Much We Trust Apple  [Read More…]

Do Not Trust Siri To Remember Father’s Day This Year [Image]




Depending on the way you ask Siri for the date of Father’s Day this year, she might give you two completely different answers. A redditor discovered that when you ask Siri, ‘Is Father’s Day this weekend?’ the personal assistant erroneously replies that “Father’s Day is on Friday, June 14th,” even though it most definitely is not.

To make matters more embarrassing  Siri answers the questions correctly if you phrase it as  [Read More…]

Google Exec: You Shouldn’t Trust Apple With Your Life


Google’s Technology Ambassador thinks using Apple Maps might kill you

Michael T. Jones has a helluva fun job. He’s the Chief Technology Ambassador for Google, and as such, he not only gets to work for one of the coolest companies in the world, he also gets to cruise around the world and tell people why Google is so darn awesome.

When it comes to Apple, you would think that Michael Jones would  [Read More…]

ITs New Required Resource Isnt Technical Its Trust

If theres a buzzword for here at the first CITE Conference, it would have to be trust. Virtually every discussion Ive had over the past two days has boiled down to the level of trust between IT and users. Trust may be the foundation of all healthy human relationships, but it isnt something that comes easily to IT professionals in the workplace. Thats the underlying tension that IT staffers have  [Read More…]

Jobs’ Heir To Manage $4.6 Billion Trust of Disney Shares

After Jobs passed away last month, speculation arose as to what would be done with his estate. As of right now, it is estimated to be worth roughly $7 billion. Recent securities filings revealed that his Disney shares, which represented the majority of his wealth have been placed in a trust. This trust is Disneys largest shareholder with a 7.7 percent stake in the media conglomerate. The shares were originally acquired by Jobs in 2006  [Read More…]

Idiot Investors Dont Trust That Apple Can Keep Making Magic New Products

Photo by triplefivedrew – http://flic.kr/p/6kQ6xS

When it comes to huge investors who buy mammoth blocks of Apple stock, theres only one question: what have you done for me, lately? If you want to know why product launches are so important to Apple, its because the launch of a new product is critical to investors who believe Apple isnt worth a plug nickel without its latest and greatest products.   Unlike  [Read More…]

[WARNING] Dont Trust Scams Claiming iPhone 5 Launch

Scams are spreading like the wildfire via emails. Many readers are claiming that they are receiving fraudulent emails that look a lot like official Apple emails. These emails are structured like Apple’s promotional offers, that tries to lure unsuspecting customers by getting their Apple’s account details. Sample of these Fake emailsReports of compromised App Store and Apple ID accounts have generated a lot of press in the past due to the scale of the iTunes Stores. It  [Read More…]