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Don’t even think about trying to repair your Apple Pencil

The Apple Pencil stylus accessory was one of the most-praised parts of the newly-launched iPad Pro — which, naturally, means that our friends at iFixit were tripping over one another to pull it apart and scoop through its gory innards like geeky zombies with a taste for tech components. Here’s what they discovered in their customary teardown. For starters, there’s […]

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Napster’s Sean Parker is trying to create the Twitter of political opinions

Sean Parker — the rogue Silicon Valley investor behind Napster, and a formative part of Facebook’s early development — has a new iOS app out. It’s called Brigade, and it’s got good election timing: it’s an app devoted to sharing…Read more ›

Here’s how Samsung’s trying to seize Apple’s Digital Crown

Samsung today rolled out its new smartwatch SDK in preparation for “the next generation Gear device,” and it confirms one of the wearable’s biggest selling points (and Samsung’s answer to the Apple Watch’s Digital Crown) — a new rotating bezel. Samsung’s…Read more ›

CIA spends years trying to break Apple’s security

The CIA has been been involved in a multi-year effort to crack iOS security, according to new information provided to The Intercept by whistleblower Edward Snowden. The attempts have been the focal point of multiple yearly CIA conferences called “The Jamboree.” Among…Read more ›

Samsung already trying to put the brakes on Apple’s car plans

It was only a matter of time before Samsung did something to try and thwart Apple’s unconfirmed automotive aspirations. The Korean iPhone competitor has bought the battery pack division of a leading automative supplier only a couple of weeks after…Read more ›

Doctor Who foe? No, just a squirrel trying to get a nut

You could say Emma Young is nuts about Doctor Who. So much so, the craft maker and mother of two from Hampshire England made a squirrel feeder out of the head of a Cyberman, a villain on the popular British…Read more ›

Chinese smartphone maker trying to beat iPhone 6 to market with sapphire display

As has been seen time and time again, all Apple needs to do is hint at an area it’s interested in exploring (see: smart watches) and much of the tech world will trip over itself trying to beat it to market…Read more ›

Watching kids trying to figure out how to use an old Apple II is totally hilarious

In Stanley Kubrick’s sci-fi masterpiece 2001: A Space Odyssey, there is a scene in which a tribe of early hominids, having encountered an extraterrestrial Monolith for the first time, are suddenly evolved to the next stage of human consciousness, and…Read more ›

Apple Trying To Poach Swiss Watchmakers To Build iWatch [Rumor]

Apple is reportedly trying to lure top Swiss watchmakers away from luxury brands in its efforts to build an iWatch. Jean-Claude Biver, president of luxury brand LVMH’s watches and jewellery division, claims that Apple has tried to recruit staff from…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Kanye West Tells Tim Cook To ‘Quit Trying To Act Like You’re Dumb’ [Video]

Successor to Steve Jobs, BFF of Steve Wozniak, and all-around “creative genius” Kanye West had some harsh words for Tim Cook over the weekend. Speaking/singing on stage at a Saturday night show in Newark, NJ, West blasted the Apple CEO…Read more ›