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These t-shirts are for Apple geeks who like super-soft cotton

Cyril Pavillard has a dossier that reads like most tech entrepreneurs. Start a company, enjoy success, sell for profit, repeat. So what is he doing now in the t-shirt business? One, he wants to appeal to worldwide Apple fans with his line of A-Shirts with designs that pay homage to great Cupertino products and geniuses. […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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These geeky T-shirts put nerd pride on your chest

Glenn Jones didn’t set out to build a one-man T-shirt empire. The Aukland, New Zealand-based designer and illustrator started emblazoning tees with his visual witticisms on Threadless in 2004 and then hit the virtual shelves with his own store featuring…Read more ›

Asymco T-Shirts Show Off Apples Successes In Dorky Charts

Unlike a tattoo, these dorky t-shirts can be easily removed.



Last week I was in the tobacconist buying some Cuban cigars, and the girl in front of me was tattooed with an Apple logo. I got a crappy picture, but I snapped it out of horror rather than admiration.

Still, a tat is one thing. An Asymco T-Shirt, featuring a graph of, say, Apple’s increasing stock price, is another. These things are  [Read More…]