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Wind turbine promises to blow away your utility bills

You’ve spared no expense in creating a smart home. You bought smart lightbulbs, a smart TV and smart appliances. All that’s missing is a device that makes you look smart when the electric bill comes in the mail. The Agustsson brothers of Iceland may have figured out that part. They are the creators of Trinity, […]

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iPad Controls, GPS Bring Functional Turbine Powered Batmobile Replica to Life

If you thought some Apple fans were eccentric, just look at what Batman admirers will do to revel in their passion. Meet Casey Putsch, a long-time lover of the Caped Crusader who endeavored to build a functional, life-like replica of the Batmobile.

He succeeded.

This one, however, is truly an original. Not only is it a turbine-powered vehicle modeled after Tim Burton’s version of Batman’s ride (circa 1989), it actually uses the iPad for certain control  [Read More…]