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Steve Jobs In Rare Video From 1998: “TV Turns Your Brain Off, PCs Turn Your Brain On”

www.youtube.com/watch?v=mXS5VHw7rwA We stumbled across this rare video of Steve Jobs at the CAUSE 1998 Conference in Seattle. In the short clip, Steve Jobs gives a particularly comedic and lighthearted talk about the PC and TV. The video quality is pretty awful, but what’s said in the talk is very interesting. In the video, Jobs says, “TV turns your brain off, PCs turn your brain on.” What most don’t know is that Jobs was quoting a failed campaign for the original iMac.  [Read More…]

Steve Jobs Once Wanted To Turn Apple Into A Carrier And Use The iPhone To Destroy At&T

Steve Jobs’s legacy on the mobile industry is uncontested, but instead of just changing the balance of power between handset makers and the carriers, Jobs’s original vision was even more revolutionary: he wanted Apple to become a carrier using unlicensed Wi-Fi spectrum.   According to venture capitalist and wireless industry legend John Stanton, “[Steve Jobs] wanted to replace carriers” from 2005 to around 2007. “He and I spent a lot  [Read More…]

Get Mac App Prizmo for 40% Off & Turn Your Images Into Searchable Documents [Deals]

This week Cult of Mac Deals took the deals hub to the next level and pumped out two great deals for our readers. Because everyone was so enthusiastic about the Fall 2011 Mac SuperBundle that we announced yesterday, we wanted to remind you that we’ll still be carrying the Prizmo deal for another four days. Ever thought about getting a scanner, but held back because of size and cost? Do you have a Mac and  [Read More…]

Turn On The Visual LED Notification Alert in iOS 5 [iOS Tips]

You can set up your iPhone notifications in many ways. You might like vibrating alerts, audible alerts, or maybe you don’t want any alerts at all. Now there is a new visual alert, but it’s buried away and hard to find. Today I’ll fix that and show you where it is hiding.   Apple has introduced a kind of visual alert using the LED on your iPhone. Activating this alert  [Read More…]

Sleep In By Telling Siri To Turn Off All Alarms [iPhone 4S Tip]

Fancy a break from the constant tintinnabulation of your iPhone? Here’s a great Siri tip spotted by the guys over at OS X Daily: just press down the hold button and tell Siri to “turn off all alarms.” Once you’ve been able to catch your breath, turning your alarms all on again is as easy as saying “turn on all alarms.”

Disney is About to Turn Your iPad Into an Interactive Game Board

An upcoming line of toys from Disney is about to take the iPad’s multi-touch display to a whole other level. “Disney Appmates” will be a series of interactive games that use the iPad’s display to enhance the experience of playing with physical toys. Initially, characters from the Cars 2 movie will be sold with an accompanying App Store app. 6-year olds everywhere are about to have a new obsession. Disney will  [Read More…]

Planning On Buying An iPhone 5? Here’s How To Turn Your iPhone 4 Into $250, No Questions Asked

At this point, everyone knows that Apple’s going to unveil the new iPhone next week, which means that your window of opportunity to sell your old iPhone 4 to some sucker has pretty much closed. Don’t fret, though. We know someone will buy your used iPhone 4 from you for a good price. If you’ve got an iPhone 4 in decent nick, NextWorth.com is promising to give you $ 250  [Read More…]

Turn Off iOS Like Autocorrection While Typing in Lion [OS X Tips]

Mac OS X Lion introduces auto correction another OS feature borrowed from iOS to the Mac. It is something that many people don’t like, because they find it distracts them while they are typing. Although it isn’t supported by every application you can turn it off if you don’t like it.   All you have to do to turn it off is to launch System Preferences and select Language & Text. Click on the  [Read More…]

How To Take The iOS Out Of Lion: Turn Off Autocorrect, Turn On Key Autorepeat

OS X Lion is the best version of OS X yet, but some of its design choices aren’t without controversy… especially the decision to make the whole operating system more like iOS. Hate that stuff? Over the next few days, we’ll be posting some tips on taking the iOS inspirations back out of your Mac. Today, we’re going to focus on how to stop your Mac from handling your text  [Read More…]

Turn Off Mail Animations in OS X Lion [How To]

disable-new-window-animation-os-x-lion.jpg Editor’s note: This code in this post has been updated from the original to reflect a more targeted animation-disabling conmand line defaults write string.  Thanks to reader Phillip Ridlin for the alert. Are you running Lion on your desktop and finding the new window animation functionality in Mail.app annoying? You’re not alone, apparently. Thanks to the torrent of tech chatter on Google+ these days, in many cases led by our colleague Mike Elgan,  [Read More…]