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Apple’s 3D mapping patent would turn your iMac into an Xbox Kinect

Apple today published a patent designed to allow users to control an interface by striking a pose with the upper half of their body. According to the paperwork filed by Apple, this would work by having Apple devices generate a…Read more ›

How to Turn Off Spell Check in Mail for Mac OS X

Mac Mail users may find that even if they have disabled auto-correct in OS X, an automatic Spell Check function continues to persist in the Mail app of OS X. For users who are confident in their spelling abilities, bothered by the spell-check function, or who are just tired of correcting the auto-corrections in their … Read More

Use AirPlay to turn Apple Watch into a Music hub

Playing music on the Apple Watch is a lovely thing. You can control your iPhone’s Music app using the Apple Watch Music app, choosing playlists and adjusting volume on the fly. You can even start apps like Spotify or Rdio…Read more ›

Lonely Apple Watch buyers turn to the Internet to share their heartbeats

One of the most original features of the Apple Watch is the ability to send your heartbeat to a friend or loved one. With only a small fraction of Watches having shipped, however, early adopters are turning to the Internet to…Read more ›

How to turn great iOS app ideas into something real

My friends, family and even complete strangers are constantly asking me how to get their million-dollar app idea in the App Store. This is always a shocker for me because, after countless hours of hard work over the past two…Read more ›

How to turn your $399 Apple Watch gold

  Lusting after the gold Apple Watch Edition but don’t have the funds for Jony Ive’s $ 17,000 timepiece? You could take out a second mortgage on the house, or sell a kidney. Or you could do what artist Casey Neistat…Read more ›

Turn your iPhone into a disposable camera without throwing it away

The analog types can argue technology has removed a lot of the magic from photography. The wonder is gone. We see the picture on our screen the very moment after it’s taken. The crappy shot from today would be cherished…Read more ›

New Guitar Hero will turn you into a realistic rock star

You’re in the green room, waiting for your curtain call. You can hear the throngs of rabid fans in the audience, just waiting for you and your group of rock and roll rebels to take the stage. You and your…Read more ›

Turn off iOS 8 notifications for uninterrupted gaming

I’ve been playing Vainglory quite a bit lately, and the one thing that really distracts me and (when on my iPad 3) actually impacts my gameplay: notifications. They can make the game stutter, which wreaks havok on my ability to…Read more ›

Gold Apple Watch looks great on my wrist. If only I could turn it on.

CHICAGO — I grabbed the sport coat I was married in because I wasn’t sure how to dress for a private appointment to try on a $ 10,000 gold watch. My look is challenging to class up. The clean-shaven head, long…Read more ›