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iPhone Screen Turned Black and White Suddenly?! Here’s the Fix

Have you ever discovered your iPhone to suddenly be black and white display? If this has happened to you, then seemingly out of the blue, the iPhone screen is no longer showing color, and instead everything is stuck in black and white mode. This is fairly unusual circumstance, but it can happen, and I recently … Read More

Woz reveals formative moment that turned him into a geek

Before Steve Wozniak co-founded Apple Computers, he was just a super-nerdy kid who loved to operate HAM radios. In a new video interview detailing the most formative moments in his totally geeky life, Woz explains how he went from tinkering with electronics to teaching himself binary by 5th grade, and then made a machine that […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Apple’s OS X naming strategy turned around business for Yosemite National Park

If you ever want to find some evidence of just how significant Apple is these days, take a look at how it can impact upon seemingly unrelated areas — like, say, tourism. According to a new report, following Apple’s decision…Read more ›

This talented Apple fan turned her portfolio into a beautiful paper MacBook

  Most creative and designer types travel around with two things perpetually tucked under their arms: their portfolios, and their MacBooks. Vienna-based fashion designer Eva Zar decided to consolidate the two: her portfolio is a MacBook, at least in appearance.…Read more ›

Tom Ford turned Apple Watch into a fashionable pocket watch

Tom Ford unveiled his Spring 2016 collection this week in London, and while the fashion designer’s newest fanciful dinner jackets drew in a flock of celebrity, the Apple Watch made a surprise appearance in the ready-to-wear collection. Rather than designing…Read more ›

Why iOS 8 turned iBooks into a must-read

It seems like there’s a revolt among a segment of diehard Apple fans every time a new app comes preloaded in iOS. No one likes bloatware, and Apple is usually good about keeping crap out of its software. The main…Read more ›

Square reportedly turned down $3 billion offer from Apple

Apple put mobile wallet payment platforms like Google Wallet, Square and PayPal on notice this week with the reveal of Pay, but before Cupertino decided to launch its answer to the wallet, sources tell TechCrunch the company was eyeing an acquisition…Read more ›

How minimalist puzzler Blek turned two brothers into millionaires

Brothers Denis and Davor Mikan make it look easy. They created a memorable and graphically beautiful puzzler called Blek that rocketed to the top of the paid game chart in the iOS App Store, making them millions in the process.…Read more ›

How Apps Turned My Crappy Old Ride Into A Smart Car

This story first appeared in Cult of Mac Magazine I was almost out of gas. I was also almost out of cash. I needed to find the cheapest source of fuel for my beat-up ride so I could get downtown…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Viticci’s Editorial Review Was So Long, He Turned It Into This Awesome iBook

IMG_2273Remember Federico Viticci’s review of the amazing new iPad “text editor” Editorial? Of course you do – it’s the one you pushed to your read-later service and never read later, because it was just too damn long for a single post on a website. Hell, the thing even had a table of contents. A blog […]

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