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Apple often uses the word “magical” to describe the iPad. That’s usually dismissed as hyperbole, but watch this magician’s appearance on Ellen, and you might change your mind: He’s able to pull actual objects from his iPad’s screen! The magician… Read more ›

The iPhone 6 Plus has a hard time sliding into most pants pockets, but if you’d like to make the iPhone 6 Pinch even more unbearable, Bandai is coming out with a new case that transforms your device into the… Read more ›

I’m a total sucker for ads which jump back in time to show how things have changed over the years, and that’s exactly what American Express has done with its latest commercial for Apple Pay: showing how Apple’s mobile payment… Read more ›

I’ll admit. I don’t think I want an Apple Watch. I don’t need another screen to notify me about what’s happening on another screen. That’s what I think now. But I’m not arrogant enough to believe that Apple might not… Read more ›

Happy birthday: The iPad turns five today

Five years ago today, on January 27 2010, Steve Jobs unveiled the iPad at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco — giving the world its first glimpse of the so-called “Jesus tablet.” Although not Apple’s first… Read more ›

Girl turns boring LEGO juice bar into awesome robot

There was a time when LEGO brick sets were anything but prescriptive. You’d be lucky to get a wheel or axle part, or maybe even a door or window piece in your giant set of loose bricks. These days, of… Read more ›

The Apple blogosphere was ablaze yesterday with reports that noted Apple ripoff artists Xiaomi had reportedly come up with its most brazen copycat attempt yet: a MacBook Air-alike which looked indistinguishable from Cupertino’s offering, with the exception of a Xiaomi logo instead… Read more ›

Soccer balls and catcher’s mitts become tasty slices of deli meats in Submarine Sandwich, the latest amazing video from stop-motion auteur PES. The Oscar-nominated director says it takes up to 12 hours to produce three seconds of his short films,… Read more ›

This hot wearable turns you into the Human Torch

Smartwatches may have a lot of firepower, but what about a wearable that lets you shoot actual flames from your hands? The PYRO Fireshooter puts fireballs right up your sleeve. It attaches to the underside of the wrist and contains… Read more ›

Do you take pictures of all your meals to share with your friends on Facebook and Instagram? Wish there was a way to share even more of it with your FOMO-ing virtual friends? Well, you can’t share the taste, or… Read more ›