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Tweet Any Highlighted Text From Your Mac [OS X Tips]

If you’ve ever come across a great snippet of text you want to Tweet right from your Mac, you know the drill: you have to copy it, open Twitter, create a new message, and then paste in the text there.…Read more ›

Twitter Allows Four Photos Per Tweet, Ten Free Tags

Twitter will now let you attach up to four images to a Tweet, and tag the people in those photos, all without counting towards your 140-character limit. This is a pretty obvious attempt to beat Instagram and make Twitter your…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Twitter Now Lets You Search For Anyone’s First Tweet

What was your first Tweet? Now you can find out with a cool new tool from Twitter that shows you the first public Tweet of any user. My opus is above, and not as embarrassing as I’d expected. To use…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Automatic’s IFTTT Update Lets Your Car Tweet, Email, Facebook, And More

Automatic is one of our favorite iOS car accessories and while we’ve been blown away how easily it can future-proof your dumb car, the smart dongle just got a lot more intelligent thanks to an update that brings IFTTT integration…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Infinite Tweet 2 Lets Jailbreakers Tweet Infinite Jest

The arbitrary 140 character limit of tweets can oftentimes seem as maddeningly arbitrary as it is maddeningly short. It’s not arbitrary, actually: Twitter was originally designed to work over dumbphones as an SMS service, and 140 characters is the maximum…Read more ›    [Read More…]

TweetDeck For Mac Makes It Easier To Tweet, Send DMs & Preview Images Before Sharing

TweetDeck for Mac, the free Twitter client from Twitter that’s not the official Twitter client, has been updated to make it easier for users to tweet, send DMs, and preview images before you share them. Composing, publishing, and replying to tweets…Read more ›

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New Twitter Client For iOS Can Tweet A Picture In Under Six Seconds


Twitter released a new app for iPhone and Android today that is all geared toward helping users tweet faster and better.

The new app boasts that users will be able to tweet a picture in under six seconds, thanks to the improved user interface that eliminates steps to tweeting photos by adding a new photo icon on the Tweet box.

Twitter is also trying to assist users in preventing tweeting in  [Read More…]

How to Remove “Tap to Tweet” & “Tap to Post” from Notification Center in iOS

Notification Center in iOS has both Twitter and Facebook integration and the ability to post to either service with a “Tap to Tweet” and “Tap to Post” button. On the iPad and iPhone these are accessed with the rest of Notifications by using a downward swiping gesture from the top of the screen. If you’d rather not have those social posting features in Notification Center though, you can actually disable both of them without removing your Twitter and/or Facebook accounts  [Read More…]

Tweet Or Post To Facebook Without Using Special Apps In iOS 6 [iOS Tips]

So, there you are, sitting on the bus, and inspiration strikes. You really want to fire off a quick tweet or status update to Facebook, but your stop is coming up fairly quick, and you really can’t miss it again. Opening up the Facebook or Twitter app will take precious seconds, ones you don’t have to spare! What’s an iOS 6-enabled person to do?

Now that Facebook is integrated along with Twitter in iOS 6, you don’t need to open  [Read More…]

[Review] SpotTweet – Tweet From SpotLight

While many of us don’t care for SpotLight or very seldom even end up looking at it, jailbreaking has been one of the ways that we have been able to increase its usefulness. There have been tweaks that make it solve math problems like a calculator similar to the Mac OS X version of SpotLight, there have been tweaks that make SpotLight capable of command lines, and now we have a new jailbreak tweak that  [Read More…]