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Apple Keyboard Light Blinking Twice and Won’t Reconnect to Mac? Here’s the Fix

The Apple Keyboard light blinks twice when the keyboard is ready to be paired via Bluetooth with a Mac or another device, indicating it is ready to be setup. In other words, if you just got a brand new Apple Keyboard then the light will blink when turned on, and you need to pair it … Read More

iPad Pro has twice as much RAM as iPad Air 2

The iPad Air 2 may boast a more-than-adequate 2GB of RAM, but the newly-announced iPad Pro is living up to its name with a massive 4GB. In yesterday’s crowded keynote event it was inevitable that Apple would fail to mention a few of the geekier spec details for its new devices, and its new giant-sized […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Crazy iPhone 8 concept will cost you twice as much when it breaks

The iPhone 6s is on the way, but that’s not going to stop forward-looking Apple watchers from speculating about future phones — like, say, 2018’s iPhone 8. Alongside regularly-demanded features like wireless charging, designer Jermaine Smit has come up with…Read more ›

Thunderbolt 3 is now twice as fast and works with USB-C ports

Apple completely removed all ports from the new MacBook except for a solitary USB Type-C that was mocked by fanboys across the world, but now that Intel has taken the wraps off of the new Thunderbolt 3 protocol, new MacBook…Read more ›

New MacBook logic board is only twice the size of iPhone 6’s

  Apple’s design team went to extreme lengths when redesigning the new MacBook to be more portable than ever. The most drastic move was to toss out the fan and extra ports for a super-tiny logic board. The new MacBook…Read more ›

iPhone 6 Plus owners use twice as much data as those who buy the iPhone 6

The bigger the screen, the more data you use. That’s the maxim that anyone looking to min-max their data plan every month should follow if they want to keep their bills low. According to a new report from Citrix, if…Read more ›

iOS is twice as memory-efficient as Android. Here’s why.

When the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus were announced, many Android fans laughed at the “pitiful” 1GB of RAM of Apple’s flagship smartphone, when Android flagships tended to ship with 2GB and sometimes more. But specs don’t always —…Read more ›

Tiny camera will make you think twice about spy shots

CHICAGO — I thought I was boarding the train with a camera that gave me a cloak of invisibility. But even before the train began moving away from the station, the eyes of a man with a handlebar mustache drew…Read more ›

Sony: Apple Is “Missing Out” By Not Releasing New iPhones Twice A Year

Apple was responsible for 15% of the world’s smartphone shipments in 2013, and as much as 56% of all the profit. Sony, on the other hand, accounted for only 3.8% of the world’s smartphone shipments in 2013, and is barely…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Man Buys iPod Classic From Target, Gets Box Full Of Erasers — Twice

Back in November we reported on the UK resident thrown in jail for accidentally buying what turned out to be a clay iPad from his local supermarket. Well, jump forward another month and here’s a similarly bizarre tale: the man who set out to buy an iPod Classic for his wife’s Christmas gift — only […]    [Read More…]