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Jump Legends is a wildly difficult side-scroller with a twist [Reviews]

Jump Legends is a new adventure game for iOS with something very interesting going for it. Your character is an adventurer that’s traveling and jumping through various obstacles to collect different rewards and treasures. Ultimately, your only responsibility in the entire game is to simply tap so your character jumps as needed. In Jump Legends, this proves […]

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Apple Watch spy game brings clever twist to retro format

From James Bond’s laser Rolex to Maxwell Smart’s shoe phone, spies have always been suckers for wearable tech. To salute secret agents’ fondness for the latest gadgets, the makers of Spy_Watch crafted their new game for the latest cutting-edge device…Read more ›

New Terminator trailer brings big twist to familiar franchise

The crazy machines are at it again, only this time it’s not what we’ve come to expect from the long-running Terminator franchise, now coming to theaters in July as Terminator: Genisys In the first film, Arnold Schwarzenegger played the original…Read more ›

Apple patent puts a twist on facial recognition unlocking

Apple is looking to up its selfie game in a new patent awarded to the company by the United States Patent and Trademark Offices today. The new patent would allow iPhone and iPad users to unlock their devices by simply…Read more ›

Yo! Check out this crazy messaging app with a unique twist

You know those ideas that are so simple you feel like you really could have come up with them yourself? Yo is one of those apps. Launched on April Fools’ Day, it has recently become inexplicably popular — with 2…Read more ›

Group photo app adds new twist to Snapchat’s disappearing act

Pikichat could be the next Snapchat. The idea behind the new photo app is ingeniously straightforward: Simply take a picture and then share it among a group of family members or friends. Like Snapchat, the picture will only stay up…Read more ›

“The Collider” Adds Addicting Twist To Endless Runner Gameplay [Video Review]

Seeing how far you can go has been a common theme in many games in the app store. Since the release of hit apps like “Temple Run” and “Subway Surfers” players everywhere have become fans of this endless runner genre.…Read more ›    [Read More…]

iHome’s Keyboard Cases Let Your iPad Twist Like A Convertible Tablet [CES 2014]

LAS VEGAS — You know those convertible, touchscreen Windows laptops with screens that flip around and do all kinds of twisty tricks? iHome has a new keyboard case that turns the iPad Air and Retina iPad Mini into one of…Read more ›    

Sprint’s One Up Will Let You Upgrade Your Smartphone Every Year Too, But With A Twist

Sprint_One_Up_610x289Taking their sweet time about it, Sprint will be following the likes of Verizon Edge, AT&T Next and T-Mobile Jump with an annual update plan all of their own. The plan is called One Up, and it will be available on Sprint the same day the iPhone 5S/5C go on sale: September 20th. According to […]

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PopAGraph Is A Fun Masking App For iPhoneographers: With A Twist


PopAGraph is Yet Another iPhone Photo Editing App (YAIPEA), but it brings a slick interface and a nice new gimmick to the game. The idea is that you create quick masks for your photos, and then apply effects to the masked (and unmasked) sections. Then – and here’s where the name comes from – you can frame the picture so that the subject pops out over the edge.

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