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YouTube Gaming makes a run on Twitch tomorrow

It’s a bit late in the game, but YouTube has the resources and brand-name cache to take on video game streaming juggernaut, Twitch, as it turns on the lights of its much anticipated game streaming service Wednesday. YouTube Gaming is the new portal, separate from the Google-owned video giant’s regular video website, that will aim […][Read More…]

Twitch jumps on the Flash-dumping bandwagon

Video game streaming juggernaut Twitch.tv is stepping up its HTML5 game today with a move to get rid of buggy and overly-patched Flash in Twitch’s website. The move today is only for the player part of the equation, but a…Read more ›

Twitch cracks down on copyrighted music after Google takeover

Having shut down Justin.tv on the back of a reported $ 1 billion Google acquisition, live video game streaming service Twitch is now blocking copyrighted music. Twitch uses software called Audible Magic which scans videos for music that is owned or…Read more ›

‘Knightmare Tower’ Is Great For Short Bursts Of Fast-Paced Twitch Gaming [Review]

IMG_0080The endless runner genre continues to iterate across a variety of gaming apps for iOS, with clones and actual, unique ideas vying for the same space. Knightmare Tower, from Juicy Beast Studio, is one of the latter: a vertical endless runner with a twitchy, compelling take on the genre. Players take on the role of […]

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Apples Just A Twitch Away From Killing The Mac Pro Line Forever

Last weeks three-month minimum delay to their Xeon-class Sandy Bridge processors may be the final nail in the Mac Pros coffin, inside sources are now reporting.   Its obvious that Apples heart isnt exactly in the Mac Pro these days. There hasnt been an update to the line since 2010, which is significantly longer than most Apple product upgrade cycles. According to Apple Insider, though, Apples pretty close to killing  [Read More…]