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Instagram gets five new filters after two-year wait

Instagram is today rolling out new updates on Android and iOS that bring an updated design, new features, and five new filters that Instagram says are its best yet. Inspired by the global community, the new filter set is the first Instagram…Read more ›

Walmart drops iPhone 5s to $99, and 5c to $29 on two-year contract

If you’re looking for a good deal on an iPhone — and aren’t too concerned about being the first person on your block to own an iPhone 6 — it’s a great time to be a customer. A few months…Read more ›

AT&T Will Take $100 Off The Price Of An iPad If You Sign Up For A Two-Year Data Plan

Following its change in policy regarding FaceTime over cellular, AT&T has announced a new holiday promotion for tablets, including the iPad. Beginning this Friday, November 9th, AT&T will discount any tablet by $ 100 with the purchase of a two-year Mobile Share or tiered data plan.

Any tablet purchased at an AT&T retail location or through the carrier’s online store will receive the discount if a two-year plan  [Read More…]