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Type an Email Address Faster with Automatic TLD Shortcuts in iOS Mail

Did you know the quick access TLD trick in iOS expands into Mail app for quickly typing email addresses too? If you didn’t, you’re certainly not alone, and though many iPhone and iPad users are familiar with the Safari TLD shortcuts accessible on the iOS keyboard, not as many seem to know that this expands … Read More

How to Find Wi-Fi Security Encryption Type of a Router from Mac OS X

Have you ever needed to know what type of security and encryption method a wireless network is using? While the Mac will figure this out itself when joining most networks, you may need to relay the information to others, or specify it yourself when joining other networks. You can get the encryption protocol in use … Read More

Elektra Nails Let You Type Texts With Your Talons [CES 2014]

LAS VEGAS, CES 2014 – Have you ever watched somebody with long fingernails tap-tap-tapping at their iPhone or iPad screen? It’s painful. Either their overgrown keratin caps skitter over the screen in a chitinous clatter, or they have to approach… Read more ›     

1Keyboard App: Use Your Mac’s Keyboard To Type On Your iPad, iPhone, Other Mac

1Keyboard looks like a great way to avoid having to spend $ 100 on Logitech’s K811 Easy Switch keyboard. It’s an app that takes the input from your Mac’s keyboard and sends it to the iDevice of you choice, and it… Read more ›     

Fonts For Mac Offers Beautiful Type Browsing And Organization

Remember Mac font managing apps? I do: I hated them. Extensis Suitcase caused more problems with my old G5 PowerMac than anything else, ever, and I was fairly conservative in my font use back when I worked as a designer.… Read more ›     

How To Easily Change The File Type Of A Folder Full Of Images [OS X Tips]

Batch Processing PixelmatorOne of the things we get a lot here at Cult of Mac, especially in our coverage of games, is folders full of promotional images. Now, for a variety of reasons, we often need to change the type of those images from, say, PNG to JPG files. You can use Preview, of course, opening them […]

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Find Your Stuff – Arrange Applications By Type In The Finder [OS X Tips]

Application Type Arrange In FinderThe Finder in Mac OS X is specifically designed to help you find stuff. In any Finder Window, you can arrange the icons or lists of files alphabetically by Name, by Kind of file, by the Application that opens that file, by Date Last Opened, Added, Modified, or Created, and also by Size and by […]

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Find What Type of RAM a Mac Uses & the Maximum Supported Memory

Different Mac models use different types of RAM, and each also supports a different maximum level of RAM. Unless you spend a lot of time upgrading and repairing Macs yourself, you probably don’t know these exact details off the top of your head, and that’s just fine because the information can be retrieved directly from the Mac in most cases. This is vital information to know if you have determined a memory upgrade is in order, so we’ll cover several  [Read More…]

Set The Preferred Directions Type For Maps In iOS 7 Beta [iOS Tips]

Preferred Directions Maps iOS 7 betaIn Apple’s Maps app, which debuted in iOS 6, you’ve always been able to set the volume of the voiced directions, choose whether you want to use mile or kilometer units, and set your Map Labels to Always English or not. In iOS 7 beta, however, you’re now able to set your preferred direction type. […]

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Add & Type Symbols, Glyphs, and Special Characters to the iOS Keyboard

Glyphs, symbols, and characters typed in iOS

There are many extra symbols, characters, and glyphs available on iOS that are not immediately accessible, but by adding a new keyboard you can gain access to the glyphs and symbols. This includes fun ones like the   Apple logo and smiley face ☺, and though there is some similarity to emoji, these symbols and glyphs are different from the Emoji keyboard, which is also  [Read More…]