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Type Foreign Currency Symbols on the iPhone & iPad

Foreign currency symbols can be accessed and typed iOS easily, all you need to do is be somewhere with keyboard access, and then do the following:

Tap “123″ and then hold down the “$ ” dollar sign to reveal the currency pop-up window

For the USA keyboard, this reveals the symbols for Yen, Euro, Dollar, Cent, British Pound, and the Korean Won, and the process is identical whether you’re on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

Foreign currency  <a href=[Read More…]

This Is How You Might Type On The iWatch [Video]




We’ve always thought that Apple’s rumored iWatch probably won’t have the ability to enter text, but maybe we’re wrong. Maybe Apple will use software similar to this ZoomBoard concept that lets you zoom in on a keyboard, tap the letter you want, zoom back out, and then find new characters.

Users who have tested the prototype were able to type about 10 words per minute with it, which is pretty  [Read More…]

Type Emoji Faster in iOS with Keyboard Text Replacement Shortcuts

Fastest way to type Emoji Emoji characters are a great way to have more expressive conversations and bring some fun into messaging, but tapping the globe icon on the iOS virtual keyboard to select a character isn’t exactly fast. Accessing the Emoji icons is even harder if you’re using an external keyboard with an iPad or iPhone since your fingers have to leave the keys to tap the screen, but it doesn’t  [Read More…]

Brydge+, The $220 Keyboard On Which I Can Hardly Type [Review]

Despite Tim Cook’s revelation that he uses the iPad’s virtual keyboard most of the time, anyone who writes for a living will still be using an external keyboard. And today’s test subject is the Brydge+, a $ 220 Bluetooth keyboard which does its best to turn your iPad into a tiny notebook.

The Brydge+ is exquisitely put together, and will almost certainly outlast the iPad it fits. Unfortunately, poor key positioning makes  [Read More…]

Type the Degree Symbol in iOS with a Tap & Hold on the 0 Key

How to Type the Degree Symbol on iPhone

Ever wondered how to type the degree symbol on the iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch virtual keyboard? Me too! Unlike OS X where you can just hit Option+0 there is no such Option key, instead you must use the tap-and-hold feature to access many of the alternate keys. For the degree sign, tap and hold the 0 (zero) key to reveal the degree symbol.

You  [Read More…]

Set a Shortcut to Type an Email Address Instantly in Mac OS X with Text Expansion

Use Text Expansion to type email addresses instantly in Mac OS X

Text Expansion is a wonderfully helpful feature that lets you type a short character sequence that instantly gets expanded out to something else. This has a wide variety of uses, but one of the most helpful is with character sequences that are slower to type, like email addresses. We recently showed you a way to create an email address shortcut in  [Read More…]

You Can Make Your Mac Sound Like A Typewriter While You Type With ‘Noisy Typer’

Making extra noise while on the computer is not everyone�s preference, however there are always people out there that try to be different and just love getting the extra attention that some additional sounds can produce. An application called�Noisy Typer�by developer Theo Watson is free and will make it so that your Mac computer sounds like a traditional typewriter when you are typing � making those old-fashioned tick, tink, and ping sounds. Noisy Typer will run as a background computer  [Read More…]

Never Type Your Email Address Again On Your iOS Device [iOS Tip]

None of us enjoy typing out our email address, especially if we have to do it a number of times a day on an iOS device. But thanks to the new Shortcuts feature in iOS 5, we don�t have to. Here�s how to setup a shortcut that will save you from typing out your email address forever!   You may have already used  [Read More…]

Check Your Grammar As You Type [OS X Tips]

Your Mac will check your spelling as you type in many applications, underlining mistakes in red, but did you know that it can also check your grammar? This is another great tip from�Mac Kung Fu,�a new book full of over 300 tips, tricks, hints and hacks for OS X. The perfect Christmas present for the Mac-lover! To activate the feature in any application where you want to use it (such as Safari,  [Read More…]

Patents: Apple Thinks Of A New Type Of keyboard With Tactile Feed

Really unique is the new Apple patent, which sees the house of Cupertino committed to develop a new type of keyboard that can guarantee a particular tactile feed. Patent 2 The main problem that Apple’s engineers have tried to solve with this new idea, is essentially the bad feed tactile keyboards small damage to its users. The ingenious solution (although not very viable, in my opinion) is to integrate some proximity sensors that can “anticipate” the press of  [Read More…]