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The iPhone 6 is outselling the iPhone 6 Plus by a margin of 3-to-1 in the U.S., but that’s no knock on Apple’s giant-sized handset, according to a new report from Consumer Intelligence Research Partners. The research firm’s sales breakdown looked… Read more ›

While Apple Pay is technically limited to the United States, iPhone owners around the world are having luck using the service with cards issued in the U.S. Reports out of Australia show Apple Pay working like normal at NFC terminals… Read more ›

The world’s top tennis players are descending on New York City this week to slap the fuzz off some tennis balls in pursuit of an unprecedented $ 38.3 million purse, and Ralph Lauren is ready to support the cause by arming the… Read more ›

Google is part of a global consortium that plans to install an undersea cable linking the U.S. and Japan to provide faster and more reliable Internet to Asia. The search giant hopes its “FASTER†project will make Google services more accessible to billions… Read more ›

A federal judge has rejected the $ 324.5 million settlement Apple and others have agreed to pay after facing accusations that the company colluded with Silicon Valley’s top tech firms to avoid poaching each other’s employees. U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh… Read more ›

Apple and Samsung have decided to drop all patent litigation in courts outside of the U.S. The decision ends cases that are open in Australia, Japan, South Korea, Germany, Netherlands, the U.K., France, and Italy. Disputes over intellectual property related… Read more ›

U.S. proposes ban on all in-flight cellphone calls

If you’re worried about noisy plane passengers being able to make calls in the air, the U.S. Department of Transportation is on your side. The government agency is looking to ban all in-flight calls from cell phones, which would mean… Read more ›

Today the U.S. House of Representatives unanimously passed a bill that lets customers legally unlock their cell phones and switch carriers. The same bill was passed in the Senate last week, and now President Obama is expected to sign it… Read more ›

Tim Cook swears Apple TV isn’t just a hobby for the mothership anymore, but according to the latest estimates, it might be time for Apple unleashed some new non-hobby Apple TV features if it wants to catch up to Roku and… Read more ›

iPhone is the #1 smartphone in U.S. market share

The iPhone is far and away the most popular smartphone in the U.S., according to a new report by research firm ComScore. According to ComScore, 169 million cellphone users in the U.S. use smartphones — representing around 70 percent of… Read more ›