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U2’s album is still huge among iOS music users

Despite angering iOS users by forcing their album, Songs of Innocence, onto every iPhone and iPad in the world, U2’s iTunes exclusivity bet is paying off big time. Nearly one in four of all music users on iOS devices listened…Read more ›

81 million iTunes users have ‘experienced’ U2’s free album

It’s been one month since Apple blasted U2’s loud, proud, and totally free new album, Song of Innocence, onto every iTunes account in the world, and now the the complaints have died down, Eddie Cue has revealed how enormously successful…Read more ›

Slash defends U2′s unique deal with Apple

Former Guns ‘N’ Roses lead guitarist Slash has spoken out about U2′s poorly-received iTunes album giveaway. During an interview with Ultimate Classic Rock magazine, Slash praised the move as a clever marketing strategy, noting that: “There’s a lot less opportunities…Read more ›

Apple launches site to help you remove U2′s free album forever

Apple’s historic launch of U2′s new album Songs of Innocence to 500 million iTunes users hasn’t exactly been well-received. After less than 1 percent of iTunes users downloaded the freebie album on the first day, Apple shoved it down users’…Read more ›

33 million people ‘experience’ U2′s free album in a week

Apple had to give users a tool to permanently remove U2′s freebie album from their iTunes account, but according to Eddie Cue the album is a colossal hit and has been ‘experienced’ by 33 million iTunes account holders since its…Read more ›

iPhone 6 & Apple Watch event, U2′s album flop and the rest of this week’s best Apple news

It’s been a huge week for Apple news, with the special event this past Tuesday along with a few stories you may of missed. Well, watch Cult of Mac’s news roundup to see the latest regarding Apple’s event earlier this week…Read more ›

Less than 1% of iTunes users download U2′s freebie album

Whether you wanted it or not, U2′s new album is in the purchased section of your iTunes account. Apple inked a $ 100 million deal with its favorite band to put Songs of Innocence in the hands of over 500 million…Read more ›

U2′s sad show was a swan song for iTunes

Dragging U2 onstage to end Apple’s big iPhone 6 event was more than a disappointing denouement to an otherwise solid piece of marketing theater: It was a tacit admission that the recorded music industry is gasping for its last breath.…Read more ›