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Who Says The PC Is Dying? Over Half Of All Ultrabooks Sold Are MacBook Airs

apple-12q2-macbook-air-13-front-lgThe MacBook Air is a hell of a machine, a computer that created an entirely new class in the PC market. No wonder it’s absolutely dominating sales, with 56% of all ultrabooks sold being — surprise! — MacBook Airs. According to new data released by market research firm NPD, Apple sold 56% of all ultrabooks […]

The post Who Says The PC Is Dying? Over Half Of All Ultrabooks Sold Are  [Read More…]

Intel Claims Ultrabooks Will Beat Out MacBook Air and iPad Sales

Two Intel representatives are claiming that the features, price point, and operating system of the Ultrabooks set to release in the near future will beat out Apple’s MacBook Air and iPad. Intel is claiming that the products coming from the company’s Ultrabook initiative are not only more functional than Apple’s iPad but that they also represent a better value than the MacBook Air, for which the company currently supplies processors for. Both the product manager,  [Read More…]

Ultrabooks Suck, Customers Only Want The MacBook Air

When we were at CES this year, Intel and other PC makers were absolutely insane about ultrabooks, the new ultra-slim, ultra-portable form factor that they thought was going to save them from Apple’s one-two punch of the iPad and MacBook Air. We were skeptical ultrabooks could make a dent against the Air, and looks like we were right: JPMorgan analyst Mike Moskowitz has just sent out a new note to  [Read More…]

Thunderbolt Finally Coming To Ultrabooks As MacBook Air Prepares For USB 3.0

Apple first announced its incredible new Thunderbolt interface technology way back in February of 2011. Combining PCI Express and DisplayPort technology into a serial data interface, Thunderbolt allows for up to 20Gbit/s transfer rates, as well as the ability to daisy chain multiple devices, all in a tiny form factor that can fit even in the MacBook Air’s slim housing. As usual, with Thunderbolt, Apple was at least a year  [Read More…]

Acer: Ultrabooks Will Start Destroying iPad In 2012

Acer, the company that saw the iPad devour its Netbook market, is whistling past the graveyard again. This time, the Taiwan-based PC maker forecasts consumers will turn from tablets to Ultrabooks in 2012. Such talk could go into the same category of the Mayan calendar foreshadowing the end of the world. Ultrabooks, a fledgling category of PCs pushed by Intel designed to compete with the $ 999 lightweight MacBook Air, will  [Read More…]

PC Makers’ Ultrabooks Will Be Thicker And Made Of Cheaper Materials Than The MacBook Air

Responding to their customers’ garish ineptitude in trying to outprice the $ 999 MacBook Air, Intel has decided to do notebook makers’ work for them and put together a reference bill of materials on how to build cheap ultrabooks capable of competing Apple’s superslim ultraportable.   Digitimes reports that Intel has provided two reference designs: one for 21mm ultrabooks starting at between $ 475 and $ 650 to put together  [Read More…]

Acer Founder Says MacBook Airs, iPads, Tablets and Ultrabooks Are Just A Silly Fad

Acer founder Stan Shih has opened his mouth and said something extraordinary stupid: the ultrabook and tablet form factors are nothing but a stupid fad with no future. Someone should tell Apple that, so they can stop selling iPads and MacBook Airs to a throng of millions of excited customers.   Sayeth Digitimes: Acer founder Stan Shih has commented that the fads for ultrabooks and tablet PCs are both short-term  [Read More…]

PC Ultrabooks Looking to Rain on the MacBook Air’s Parade

the Asus UX21 – set to release later this year

The MacBook Air has ushered in a new era of powerful netbooks that function more like prosumer computers. In our review of Apple’s latest 2011 MacBook Air, it’s obvious that the Air now packs a punch and accompanying price tag that most notebooks of similar size haven’t been able to dream of for years. The PC market is looking to level the playing field between  [Read More…]