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Ultra-thin Macbook Pros and the big vs. little iPad Pro on The CultCast

This week on The CultCast: Apple’s new iPhone SE in an insane value; the significant differences between the big and small iPad Pros; new rumors affirm major Macbook Pro redesigns in June; future keynotes need more Yak; and the cool features in the new tvOS 9.2 update. Our thanks to Casper for supporting this episode. […]

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New ultra-thin MacBooks rumored to arrive in June

Sad that Tim Cook didn’t unveil a sleek new MacBook Pro yesterday? You’re not alone, but you won’t have to wait much longer to throw down some money on a new ultra-thin MacBook, according to the latest rumor from Asia. Apple is supposedly planning to launch new 13-inch and 15-inch MacBooks by the end of […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Apple designing touchscreen chips for ‘ultra-thin’ iPhone with no Home button

Apple is reportedly developing a single-chip solution for handling both the touchscreen and display drivers for future iPhones, according to a new report coming out of Taiwan. Interestingly the report suggests that the integrated design is designed to fit into…Read more ›

New Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover With Automatic Hinge And Adjustable Angle

Barely two months after I bought the original, Logitech has updated the Ultrathin Keyboard Cover for iPad, with matching new models for the iPads Air and Mini. The Bluetooth keyboards still work as covers and stands for your iPad, but…Read more ›

Take Two: Logitech’s Ultrathin Keyboard Case For iPad Mini

Screen Shot 2013-08-20 at 11.09.45Logitech is taking another stab at making a good keyboard case for the iPad mini, and it certainly looks hot. It’s called the Ultrathin Keyboard Folio for iPad mini, and it’s a tiny and lightweight book-style case with built-in Bluetooth keyboard. But can any iPad-mini-sized keyboard actually be good enough to type on? The first […]

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The AL13 Ultrathin iPhone Bumper Is A Sharp, Classy, And Minimalist Delight [Review]

Hip industrial table with screws not included.

Hip industrial table with screws not included.

AL13 iPhone Bumper Case – designed by m Category: Cases Works With: iPhone 5 Price: $ 79.99

What It Is

The AL13 Ultrathing bumper case for the iPhone 5 is a precision-cut aluminum bumper case that shows off the beautiful design of your iPhone 5 while providing some additional protection along the way. The bumper case comes in  [Read More…]

New Luvvitt Ultra-thin iPad Keyboard Comes With Fruity-Colored Backlighting And Lots of Juice [Exclusive]


When we spotted Luvvitt’s backlit Ultrathin iPad Mini keyboard cover last month at CES, Luvvitt CEO Eli Altaras told us we’d see a version for the iPad at some point. It’s just popped up on Luvvitt’s website, packing the same rainbow backlighting as the Mini version, in the same ultra-light profile. And it’s got a beefed-up battery to boot.

Altaras says Luvvitt’s Ultrathin Keyboard Cover is the thinnest and lightest out  [Read More…]

Archos Makes Yet Another Ultrathin Bluetooth Keyboard For iPad

Archos, maker of dodgy, hard-to-use MP3 players back in the 1990s, is hopping on the Bluetooth keyboard bandwagon.

Its offering is mostly standard, with one (literally) standout feature.

5mm thick, clad in aluminum, special iPad keys (except brightness, goddammit), and 892 grams (1.9 pounds) – the Archos checks all the boxes.

But its clever trick is its adjustable kickstand, which lets you tilt the iPad to any  [Read More…]

Help Choose The Next Color Of This Ultra-Thin iPhone 5 Bumper [Kickstart This!]

Looks good, doesn't it? I'm voting Purple.

I’m voting for purple.

The folks behind this already-fully funded Kickstarter project for the ultra-thin AL13 iPhone 5 bumper case want you to help them reach and then spend their stretch goal money. They’re looking for you to hop onto their project page and leave a comment with your vote for your favorite color from the choices of Purple, Fuschia, Blue, White, and Gunmetal. The winning  [Read More…]

Ultra-Thin 15 MacBook Is In Testing Stages

According to macrumors, An ultra-thin MacBook is in late testing stages by Apple. This was backed up with TUAW report that claims the next MacBook Pro to be Air-like. MacBook-Air The built-in optical drive is expected to be dropped as it has been in the new MacBook Air and Mac Mini, And the integrated SSD  [Read More…]