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Unbound For Mac Could Replace iPhoto On your Mac

Unbound for Mac has finally reached v1.0, and you’re probably going to love it. Point Unbound at a folder on your Mac and it’ll turn any folders inside into beautiful, browsable photos albums. It’s like what iPhoto would be if…Read more ›

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Unbound Photo Browser For Mac Will Support Leap Motion

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D7HkqYp_Tew?rel=0]

Remember Unbound? I called the iOS app “the best dropbox browser I have ever used,” and it’s still up there in the top two (the other is the excellent Heliog). Now — or at least soon — Unbound will be coming to the Mac. What’s more, it’ll be compatible with the neat little Leap Motion box that lets you control your Mac with wavy hand gestures.

The Leap is the motion-detecting dongle which lets you talk to  [Read More…]

Unbound Is The Best Dropbox Photo Browser I Have Ever Used

Unbound app is a Dropbox-linked photo viewer. Imagine if iOS’ built-in Photos app linked to Dropbox instead of needing you to dick around with iTunes and the flakey Photo Stream, and you have pretty much imagined Unbound.

Designed by Pixite (which also has some other neat photo apps out there), Unbound is simple, yet packs some power under the hood. On launch, it authenticates with your Dropbox account and you can pick a folder  [Read More…]