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Apple Launches iTunes Radio Down Under

Apple announced this morning that its iTunes Radio music service has finally branched out from being available only in the U.S. Starting today iTunes users in Australia can start using Apple’s free Internet radio service, after iTunes Radio originally debuted… Read more ›     

Some gadgets are unique, carving out their own nonpareil niche while eliciting wide-eyed, slack-jawed appreciation. Other gadgets swim in a thick soup of contemporaries, and stand out for their high bang-for-buck score. It’s the latter reason we mention Swann’s new… Read more ›     

It’s another day, another optimistic projection for Apple’s success over the Christmas season. This time the report is from Piper Jaffray’s analyst Gene Munster, who analyzed 25,000 tweets featuring the hashtags @Santa and #wishlist — and found iPhone to be the… Read more ›     

Apple and the city of Cupertino have reached an agreement that will see the tech giant paying more taxes to the city as part of the deal for its new Apple Campus 2 project. The new deal is up to… Read more ›     

I’ve always loved the Lego suite of licensed games more than most people do. They’ve always been the perfect storm for me: a unique combination of geekiness, humor, and obsessive collection and completion. Every time I pick one up, I…

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One of the great things about Messages, for me, is the “read receipt.” I know if my child has seen my messages to them, of if they’ve just been “delivered” but not read. I like it. Some folks, though, might…

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BBM Crashing Under iOS 7.0.3? Here’s How To Fix It

After finally getting BBM on your iPhone this week, you may have upgraded to iOS 7.0.3 to find it no longer works properly. One of the fonts BlackBerry uses in its app is no longer supported by Apple, causing the…

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WhatsApp-iOS-7-conceptGiven that it’s the most popular cross-platform messaging service on the planet, you might have thought that WhatsApp would have a new redesign ready to go when iOS 7 was made available to the public earlier this month, but as things stand, it’s still rocking its old look. Presumably the team behind it are hard […]

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Holy crap, right? Robert Suarez dropped this amazing video up on YouTube, showing him beating the entire tower in under three minutes (2:58, to be exact), a full 32 seconds faster than the game developer’s own Game Center achievement. There are some slight spoilers in the video, as it shows the entirety of the tower, [...]

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doomclassic_02Id Software’s seminal first-person shooter franchise, Doom, came to the iOS platform back in 2009, with Doom Classic. It debuted as a $6.99 game, and we were all willing to pay for admission to a game that stole our hearts (and our free time) as young gamers. About a year later, Doom II RPG showed [...]

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