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Give yourself the gift of understanding data ahead of Black Friday [Deals]

What better reason to stay at home and avoid the holiday throngs than with this pair of early deals on lessons in data analytics? These lessons cover Google Analytics and Excel, and both are going for more than 90% off — it doesn’t take a great grip on numbers to know that’s a good deal. […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Future of fitness apps lies in understanding human movement

Some Apple Watch users are apparently confused over what types of exercise the wearable’s Workout app can track. Many people are using it to log weightlifting or stretching sessions, even though Apple only claims the app is suitable for “dedicated cardio workouts.” Fortunately, a new breed of fitness apps is emerging that uses the accelerometer access enabled […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Understanding Why Terminal Doesn’t Let You Type a Password

Sometimes you need to enter a password into the terminal, usually for sudo or su commands, which lets users execute a command with super user privileges. This is fairly typical for allowing access to read or modify something that would otherwise not be possible with a standard user account. You’ll commonly see sudo prefixing another … Read More

Advanced Guide to Understanding OS X Malware

Note: This is an advanced topic aimed at expert Mac users. Macs are generally thought of as secure, certainly at least compared to the alternative world of Windows. But the reality is that while Macs are generally more secure than Windows, there is still legitimate potential for malware getting through to OS X, despite GateKeeper, … Read More

Understanding the Way Lion Saves Files [Infographic]

One of Lions most impressive features is the new way that the OS handles the saving and managing of files. Versions and Resume allow the user to never have to worry about saving or losing files again Lion just takes care of it. If you still dont really understand how Lion saves files, check out this infographic to see the process laid out in a simple way. [Read More…]

Some Folks Have Their Heads in The Cloud When it Comes to Understanding Cloud Computing

Some time ago, MMi highlighted a report noting the large number of iPhone 4 owners who (incredibly) believe that their device is running on a 4G network. While this confusion among the masses is difficult for some to comprehend, it is much easier to believe how some individuals are confused about iCloud and what exactly cloud computing is all about. And, yes, there’s data to support this widespread head-scratching over cloud computing. A new survey  [Read More…]